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March 24, 2023

Clean-car rules: California unveils proposed measure to ban new gasoline-fueled cars

California’s clean-air regulators on Tuesday unveiled a far-reaching proposal requiring a ramp-up in sales of zero-emission cars, culminating in a ban on new gasoline-powered cars by 2035. 

Free tests? As COVID surges, rapid results cost up to $300

When Rebecca Santucci of Lakewood learned that her sister, Stacy, may have been exposed to COVID-19, she set out to look for a rapid test. She needed to know quickly whether their 88-year-old father was at risk.

Audit: California utilities aren’t doing enough to reduce wildfire threats

As record-breaking drought fuels another potentially dangerous wildfire season, the state auditor reported last week that state officials are failing to hold California’s electric utilities accountable for preventing fires caused by their equipment.

State health department blasted over nursing home oversight

At an emotional legislative hearing Tuesday, lawmakers and critics subjected the Newsom administration to blistering questions about the state’s oversight of nursing homes.

Ethnic studies becomes graduation requirement for California students

After a years-long battle reignited in recent months by controversies over misunderstandings of critical race theory, California students will soon be required to take ethnic studies to graduate high school. 

Here’s what’s ahead for California businesses in 2022

Clogged supply chains. Hiring struggles. New mask rules. A virus that trampled right over return-to-work schedules. Last year was chaotic for many businesses across California.

COVID work rules: A guide for California workers

A new cough. The beginnings of a fever. A note from your boss about a COVID case at work. 

Unboosted: California COVID-19 booster rate falls below 40% in most counties

Hospitals are at capacity. COVID-19 infections are at record highs. Testing lines stretch for hours. Yet even as the omicron variant batters the state, only 38% of vaccinated Californians have gotten a booster shot.

Newsom makes his offer on gas tax rebate

Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to send California drivers as much as $800 each and encourage public transit systems to offer free rides, the latest proposal from state policymakers seeking to offset the soaring cost of gasoline and other goods for struggling residents.

Gas money: Is it better to send out checks or suspend a tax?

California is flush with cash — the state has an estimated budget surplus of $21 billion — and, separately, gas prices are way up.