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February 23, 2024

Letters, Sept. 14

Beekeepers (Aug. 31) Excellent article; local journalism at its best! Thank you for covering this important topic. It is so encouraging to see the Board of Supervisors re-examine an issue and act on their deeper understanding! CONSTANCE ALEXICH  Very grateful for this decision. Glad the voices of...

Letters, Aug. 24

Fitch Mountain Projects “The Healdsburg City Council allocated $2.77 million for the public access improvements in the 2022-23 budget.” (“Fitch Mountain Projects Underway,” Aug. 17.) So the City Council is spending almost $3 million for trail improvements on Fitch Mountain. What about fire prevention? Last time...

Letters, Aug. 17

Readers weigh in on proposed Piazza hotel, and two new Vertice projects

Letters, Aug. 10

"As local residents who have an interest in our town’s development, we write in response to the newspaper articles recently informing us about your significant land acquisitions in our Downtown core..."

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 4

HEALDSBURG TRIBUNE Readers weight in on local developments, from the Raven Film Center to the Roundabout. Add your voice by sending email to [email protected].

Letters to the Editor, June 29

A Ruse by Another Name? Some things are not for sale. Full-time residents of Healdsburg can see the “unapproved” and not “permitted” 330 Center St. ultra-luxury $12 million condos listed on MLS ( a site FOR real estate brokers) for what it really is!  We know this...

Uniquely California: The Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury

When our forefathers drafted the California Constitution in 1849, they included a requirement that “One or more grand juries shall be drawn and summoned at least once a year in each county.” Today, California is the last state still to have a comprehensive standing...

Local Dog Hounds Fame From Newspaper

Dear Editor: Since you kindly published my letter and that big, sexy photograph of my three-legged, bad self, a number of Healdsburgians have recognized me around town—an athletic woman on the Fitch Mountain trail, a handsome gent in Safeway check-out line, a homeless guy in...

Healdsburg Appreciates Its Elders

Kudos to the City of Healdsburg! The City of Healdsburg sure knows how to appreciate its seniors! We felt so very honored to participate in the glorious Christmas Dinner you so generously gave us at the Villa. Thank you, thank you! It was wonderful!  Being...

SSU Student Works to End Global Poverty

I am a Sonoma State University student interning for The Borgen Project as a project ambassador. We are a nonprofit organization working to end global poverty by making it a focus of U.S. foreign policy.  The world and our lives extend far beyond ourselves. We...