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Letters to the Editor, March 7

People are still talking about that Vertice meeting on Feb. 7 - and what it means for the future of a livable downtown. All this and more in Letters from our readers.

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 29

"Sure miss the days when candidates were motivated to run to serve their communities and take the high road during the campaign, focusing on their backgrounds, experience and skill sets rather than trying to skewer their opponents. Those kinds of tactics do make it easier to decide who NOT to vote for …"

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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22

"Following the informal community meeting with Vertice Hospitality (SingleThread) at the film center on Feb. 7. concerning the group’s proposed uses for the former Raven Film Center and 150 North St., I wanted to express a few thoughts...."

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 8

Parklets vs. Parking Why are the parklets still taking up 49 public parking spaces in downtown Healdsburg? The Covid Emergency is over. I drove through the Plaza today. The parklets look like hammered dung. And there was no parking for me. Has the City...

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 18

The Healdsburg Tribune has welcomed Simone Wilson as a writer, and a reader from Wisconsin writes in to say he enjoys the paper.

Letters, Dec. 14

Bridge Lighting Policy At the December 4th city council meeting I requested city council to revisit resolution 68-2023 and abort the bridge lighting project, returning it to its natural state for the following reasons. ('Healdsburg Chooses the Color of Peace,' Oct. 26) Lighting the bridge was...

Letters, Nov. 22

City’s Ordinance Problem Downtown Healdsburg may soon have another luxury hotel, thanks to an error by city staff in publishing notice of a 2018 ordinance that would have prohibited the hotel. Unfortunately, the error wasn’t a one-off.  The city’s 20 most recent ordinances—going back to April...

Letters, Sept. 14

Beekeepers (Aug. 31) Excellent article; local journalism at its best! Thank you for covering this important topic. It is so encouraging to see the Board of Supervisors re-examine an issue and act on their deeper understanding! CONSTANCE ALEXICH  Very grateful for this decision. Glad the voices of...

Letters, Aug. 24

Fitch Mountain Projects “The Healdsburg City Council allocated $2.77 million for the public access improvements in the 2022-23 budget.” (“Fitch Mountain Projects Underway,” Aug. 17.) So the City Council is spending almost $3 million for trail improvements on Fitch Mountain. What about fire prevention? Last time...