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100 years ago:
Dec. 27, 1923

To Ban Rowdies at Alexander Valley Hall

Residents of Alexander Valley are up in arms as the result of a gang fight in the community hall Saturday night, and will take sharp measures to prevent any recurrence of such an affair and to ban rowdies and persons under the influence of liquor from the hall. As a result of Saturday night’s affair C. P. Usher of Napa and Marcus Multer of Calistoga are out on bail facing charges of disturbing the peace. Warrants for two or three others have been or will be issued.

COMMUNITY HALL Alexander Valley Hall was overrun by ‘rowdies’ under the influence of bootleg liquor in 1923.

The affray of Saturday night is said to have been the result of a Napa county bootleg feud. Since the valley people completed their community hall, built on land donated for the purpose and paid for in part by popular subscription, they have promoted several highly successful events. The dances and other affairs have been conducted in highly praiseworthy manner without any acts of rowdyism.

“We intend to see that there is no repetition of such a disgraceful affair,” a prominent valley resident said today. ‘‘To outsiders it gives Alexander Valley a black eye. We don’t want any rowdies and we will see that they don’t come.” Organization of a corps of husky floor managers to show undesirable persons the exit from the hall has been proposed.

75 years ago:
Dec. 31, 1948

Standard Time in Effect Jan. 1

NEW YEAR Bosworth and Sons General Store, Geyserville, 1975.

Figuratively speaking, an hour will be added to your life next Saturday, January 1, when California reverts to standard time. Set your clocks back an hour. That’s the word of the California legislature.

The exact time the new measure will take effect will be 2 a.m., January 1, 1949. According to reports, two o’clock on the morning of January 1 was the time when all night clubs in the state were scheduled to close. Discontinuing daylight savings time at this hour will allow the bars literally to stay open an extra hour. When the clock shows two, night club operators will simply set the clock back an hour thereby allowing the frolickers an extra hour for frolicking.

50 years ago:
Dec. 20, 1973

Firemen told to stay home

If you live outside city limits and have looked to the city fire department to answer your distress calls, better look again. The City Council Monday put up the stop sign to any fire truck going outside the city unless a formal mutual aid request from the California Division of Forestry is received first.

FIRE STATION The Healdsburg Fire Station on Center Street, shown here in a 1958 archival photo.

The action will prevent city fire crews from following what has become their standard procedure for outside fires. In the past they have relayed fire calls to forestry and responded with trucks and men when forestry needs it. Now city firemen will have to wait until a forestry unit arrives at the fire scene and requests mutual aid.

The difference can amount to 20 or 30 minutes once the expected Feb. 1 closure of the CDF station at Lytton takes place. The council’s decision was taken because it reasoned that it is unfair for city taxpayers to support outside city fire fighting since county residents do not in any way pay for city services.

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