POLICE FLEET Police cars cleaned, fueled and ready to patrol at Healdsburg Police Department on Center Street. (Photo by Christian Kallen)

Sunday, April 16

1:31am. Officer-initiated activity at Redwood Hwy/Old Redwood Hwy, a vehicle stopped for invalid registration led to the arrest of a 26-year-old man for driving under the influence with a blood count of 0.08 or higher, and felony and misdemeanor probation violations. Suspect was pre-booked at Healdsburg Police Dept. (HPD) and then transported to county jail (CJ).

1:35pm. Reckless driver was reported at the Healdsburg Fire Department on Healdsburg Ave. Reporting Party (RP) called to report two vehicles speeding in the area yesterday and throughout the day today. Vehicles described as a black Mustang and primer gray 300 ZX. Requesting extra patrol throughout the day today when available.

5:58pm. Vandalism on Tucker St. RP called to report that about 10 minutes ago, something struck a window, possibly a BB. Window was spider-webbed.

Monday, April 17

6:32am. Reckless driver reported at L&M Motel on Healdsburg Av. Vehicle almost hit a big rig and was swerving on the roadway. RP described the vehicle as a blue Toyota, with no plate provided. RP last saw it driving past the L&M Motel towards Memorial Bridge. Officers advised to BOL (Be on the Look Out).

11:13am. Accident at Safeway on Vine St. RP called to report tshe hit two vehicles when she was trying to park and asked for LE (Law Enforcement) assistance in contacting the other owners. Officer responded, one owner was contacted and contact information was left on the second vehicle.

12:31pm. Disturbance reported on University St. RP called to report a cement truck blocking her driveway. While on the line a verbal dispute ensued and the RP stated the truck driver tried to “run her over.” Officers responded, the truck moved. RP said vehicles blocking driveway is an ongoing issue. Issue to be forwarded to Code Enforcement.

3:35pm. RP called to report that a transient subject has been sleeping on the property of Rich Ryan Construction on Healdsburg Ave. RP requested patrol of the area in the evening/night hours when available and if a subject is located to please advise them to leave. No description of individual provided. RP has noticed belongings being left on the property.

4:19pm. Assault with a deadly weapon reported on W. Grant St. following a report of possible shots fired. RP stated he heard 3 gunshots, what sounded like popping, clicking and metal dropping, and saw an adult male running across the street toward the laundry room. Subject described as having long hair, wearing a hat, a black-and-red hoodie and shorts. Officers responded and checked the area. Casings were located, report taken. (See follow-up story on P. 4 – Juveniles)

11:34pm. An officer stopped a driver on Old Redwood Hwy/Eastside Rd., Healdsburg for excessive speeding. On investigation an adult male was arrested for driving under the influence with a blood count of 0.08% or higher. Suspect was transported to the Sonoma County Jail.

Wednesday April 19

8:52am. Occurred at Healdsburg City Hall on Grove St. RP reported an adult male and female were involved in a physical disturbance. The female was wearing a gray beanie and a white jacket, the male a white shirt and black pants. They had a black-and-white dog that appeared friendly. Officers responded, a 46-year-old man was arrested and transported to CJ for aggravated battery and probation violation.

3:01pm. Grand theft reported at Williamson Wines on Matheson St. RP called because a juvenile took her phone and ran off with it. Subject described as an adult male in a red shirt and black pants. While on the phone the subject returned with the phone. RP declined any further assistance.

10:13pm. Drunk driver reported at Ward St./Tracks. RP states a vehicle occupied by two people just pulled up by tracks, and had driven very close to parked cars. RP believed a possible drunk driver due to driving behavior. The vehicle then left and had front-bumper damage. Later the vehicle was reported eastbound on Healdsburg Ave. and almost caused a traffic collision due to cutting off a 2nd vehicle. Officers responded, unable to locate.

The RP called back and stated the vehicle had returned, and the suspect exited the vehicle towards the tracks. Unknown if the 2nd occupant was still in the vehicle. Officers re-responded. A 32-year-old male was arrested for driving under the influence with a blood count of 0.08% or higher, possession of methamphetamines and driving without a valid license. He was pre-booked at HPD and then transported to CJ.

Thursday, April 20

10:14am. Accident with Property Damage on W Dry Creek Rd. RP stated one of his drivers was being harassed by someone who thought his driver hit his telephone pole. RP advised outside of HPD jurisdiction and provided CHP’s phone number.

1:16pm. Reckless Driver at Center St./Grant St. RP stated a white Toyota Camry station wagon “just blew through a stop sign” in the listed area. Vehicle had also been seen driving through a stop sign in the area of Grant/Johnson, nearly hitting the RP. RP believed the driver was homeless and said it was a female driver. He did not see the female this time, but had seen her in the past. Officers responded. Unable to Locate.

3:30pm. Unwanted Subject at Healdsburg Veterans’ Memorial Beach. Female adult associated with a white Toyota Camry was yelling and screaming and the RP wanted assistance letting her know she needed to leave. Unknown if any drugs/weapons/alcohol. Disposition: Assignment Complete.

5:54pm. Graffiti on East St. While speaking with RP and juvenile, the latter admitted to tagging “X4” on multiple buildings throughout the city. Report taken.

Friday, April 21

6:06am. Petty Theft at Jerry’s Valero on Dry Creek Rd. RP stated a male just stole jerky, Reese’s candy and moon pies. RP thought the male was on meth. Suspect was an adult male, early 40s, normal build, 160 lbs, unknown top and jeans. Subject reported driving on Kinley from Dry Creek on a rim only at the rear back wheel. Officers responded, vehicle and suspect located in collision at the southbound 101/Old Redwood off ramp.

6:42am. Accident occurred at southbound off ramp on Old Redwood Hwy. SCSO advised they just transferred a caller to medical for an overturned vehicle. The male suspect and the suspect vehicle were located from previous report. The male was transported to Memorial Hospital; the officer to file charges with the DA for the theft.

10:56am. Trespassing at Healdsburg High School on Prince Ave. An expelled student was on campus earlier harassing other students. RP believed juvenile was now at home. Officer Delatorre contacted RP. A Sonoma County Probation officer called to advise juvenile is on prob with search/gang terms.

12:54pm. Probation Violation on Powell Ave., Healdsburg. Follow up on earlier incident at the high school. Officers conducted a probation search at juvenile’s residence. Juvenile probationer arrested for unlawful interference with peaceful conduct of activities of school and probation violation.

1:40pm. A Sonoma County Auto Theft Task Force operation with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and Rohnert Park police nabbed a 39-year-old male for possession of stolen property following an Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) hit. He was arrested and transported directly to CJ for possession of a stolen vehicle pc and parole violation. Vehicle towed.

10:43pm. Public intoxication on College St. RP stated an intoxicated male was walking a dog and could not control the dog. Then he was lying on the sidewalk under the streetlight. He was described as passed out and it is unknown if he was unconscious. Negative weapons, drugs or alcohol seen. Adult male, 30-40s, thin build, black jacket. Black Rottweiler/Pitbull looked friendly and did not bark. Medical requested. Officers responded and the individual was provided a courtesy ride to his home.

Saturday, April 22

12:09am. Public Intoxication at Coyote Sonoma on Mill St. RP requested assistance w/an intoxicated male. He was trying to pee by a building, he refused assistance and walked away. RP described him as slightly aggressive because he was yelling, “You don’t even know me.” Negative drugs, alcohol or weapons. The male then fell on the ground. Male about 55 years old, 5’ 8”, medium build, white shirt, baseball cap and blue jeans. Before officers arrived, the RP stated the subject got into his ride and law enforcement (LE) was no longer needed.

12:44am. Burglary to vehicle at Dollar Tree on Vine St. RP stated there was a vehicle with the hood up and all windows broken. The RP believed it was a burglary and stated glass was all over the floor. The back of the vehicle was painted black. RP stated there was a female sleeping in the back seat. Officer Defrank/Sgt. Doherty and Det. Olvera responded. The female was contacted and did not want to prosecute on any charges.

2:03am. Burglary reported at John & Zekes on Healdsburg Ave. by RP who stated a group of 10 people tried to break into a tasting room with a key. RP believed because the male could not speak English that it was not his tasting room. Negative weapons, drugs or alcohol seen. Officers responded. The individual owned the tasting room and got a ride home.

02:43am. Officer-initiated activity at Healdsburg Ave./Monte Vista Ave., Healdsburg, vehicle stopped for expired registration tabs. A 27-year-old male was arrested for driving under the influence, driving under the influence with a blood count of 0.08% or higher, probation violation, 1203.2(a) pc and other charges, then transported to CJ. Vehicle towed.

1:34pm. Accident occurred at Spicy Vines Winery (Business Office) on Healdsburg Ave. Two-vehicle traffic collision blocked roadway. White VW Jetta and Blk Toyota Prius. No injuries, airbags; kids involved. Officers responded, both parties exchanged info.

10:36pm. Reckless driver at Healdsburg High School. Just occurred. The RP heard a car doing donuts. Heard only and sounds like only one car. RP stated it stopped within the last 30 seconds. Officers responded, vehicle gone on arrival (GOA).

Sunday, April 23

10:16am. Officer-initiated activity at Sake O Japanese Restaurant, Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. Vehicle stopped for 14601. A 76-year-old male was cited for driving with a suspended license, vehicle towed by Cream’s for multiple offenses.

10:52am. Assault reported at Mr. Moons on Center St. Yesterday, RP’s 5-year-old daughter walked into Mr. Moon’s after seeing a stuffed animal in the window. RP’s daughter grabbed the stuffed animal and a female (unknown if employee) grabbed the stuffed animal then grabbed the girl’s arm and pushed her out of the store. RP saw all this occur and would like to press charges against the female.

4:57pm. Officer-initiated activity at St. Paul’s Church, East St., Healdsburg. Contact made with 27-year-old male arrested on warrants from Sonoma County for grand theft and burglary, and Solano County for driving without a license and possession of narcotics. Arrest made.

5:59pm. Warrant service at Plaza St./East St., Healdsburg. Vehicle stopped for no front plate. A 48-year-old woman was cited for driving with a suspended license and other vehicle violations, and two Sonoma County warrants for driving with a suspended license and no proof of insurance. Citation issued.

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