Police Station
HEADQUARTERS The Healdsburg Police station at 238 Center St. (Photo by Christian Kallen)

Sunday, March 12

8:00pm. A man reported a female gained access into his apartment on East St. and broke his refrigerator door. A 47-year-old woman was arrested for possession of methamphetamines and outstanding Lake County warrants, and transported to county jail.

10:44pm. Reporting Party (RP) stated a knife was pulled on security at a Plaza St. establishment, and a 27-year-old man was arrested for brandishing a deadly weapon and public intoxication, and taken to county jail.  

Monday, March 13

12:13am. RP states there are underage people at the bar on Plaza Street, and described a woman who said she was 20 and has since left the bar. RP sounds HBD (had been drinking) and is very evasive with the dispatcher. RP called numerous times to complain about HPD and stating he was going to contact the press.

11:22am. At Fitch and Matheson, a RP stated that about 20 (minutes) ago a vehicle failed to yield and almost hit him. They then engaged in a verbal argument where the driver told him that if he spoke to him like that again he would “kill him.”  Report taken.

7:56pm. Disturbance occurred at Senior Center Lot between a male and female in a verbal dispute. RP heard lots of yelling/screaming and then the vehicle horn honking constantly. The male exited the vehicle; the female yelled at him to give her the keys back because she “needed to get out of here.” Officers responded and made contact; the female advised there was no argument and she was okay. 

Tuesday, March 14

9:36am. Petty theft reported on Johnson St. of three packages stolen from RP’s porch on Thursday. RP later informed officers that the packages were located at her neighbors. 

Wednesday, March 15

4:53pm. Officers stopped a 49-year-old man for broken tail light at 7-Eleven store on Healdsburg Ave. He was cited for Driving on a Suspended License.

Thursday, March 15

10:35am. RP stated a male in the business is yelling, screaming and slamming things on the counter of the Metro store on Healdsburg Ave. RP feels the male is very verbally aggressive and refuses to leave. RP is currently separated from the subj and is in the back room and won’t come out until she sees police arrive via cameras. Officers responded, contacted the RP and the subject, who will be leaving and going to another Metro store. 

1:49pm. Petty Theft reported at Rite Aid Drugstore on Healdsburg Ave. RP stated 2 female subjs just stole from the store, left southbound on Hburg Av in a blk Nissan Altima 4DR. RP states she has footage of them coming and going but not in the store, doesn’t know dollar amount at the time of the call. Items will still have security tags on them. Officers responded, report taken.

7:07pm. RP states there is a guy laying in the front seat of his car on Philip Dr. and a female is giving him a “blow job.” RP did not see genitals, a condition of indecent exposure. Officers responded, not as reported. 

8:10pm.  RP states she spoke to a male who said he was accosted, and his phone was stolen on the Foss Creek Path between Front St. and Mill St. about 8pm previous day. RP states the victim made her swear not to tell his name. RP states the suspect didn’t punch but took an Apple iPhone. Disposition: Information Only.

11:07pm. Assault reported at L&M Motel on Healdsburg Ave. RP was attacked, choked and thrown to the ground by her hair. Suspect left the property via back gate, RP willing to press charges. Officers responded, and a 50-year-old female was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest and a parole violation, and taken to county jail. 

Thursday, March 16

12:37pm.  An injury accident occurred at Northern CA Medical Associates on Center St. RP stating accident just occurred but she had no detail/heard only. Additional caller stated drivers appear shaken up, unknown injuries, children in the vehicle, no vehicles blocking traffic. Officers and medical  contacted all involved parties. All parties are awake and conscious. Female transported to Healdsburg District Hospital. 

2:01pm. Assault reported at Healdsburg Junior High School on Grant St. RP stated her daughter was jumped at school by a group of 12 individuals; RP believes it was a premeditated attack. Medical call precautionary,  officers responded to the school and spoke with school staff and the suspect. 

2:03pm. Parole Violation activity at Johnson St. 52 YO male arrested for paraphernalia possession and parole violation, and outstanding Mendocino and Lake County drug and vehicle violation warrants. 

9:29pm. Hit and Run Accident reported at Lo And Behold Bar and Kitchen on Healdsburg Ave. RP states a guest “saw someone hit a vehicle and peel away.” Victim vehicle was unoccupied. Suspect vehicle is an Accord, Prius or a Honda Civic, sedan, dark slate gray or silver, with a partial plate number. Suspect vehicle hit the back left of the victim vehicle. The vehicle owner did not want to pursue charges at this time. 

10:41pm. RP states on Sunday (March 12), a male was trespassing on Sunnyvale Dr., and the RP wants him charged for trespass. RP states fruit was picked from a tree and RP can’t prove the male took the fruit, but believes the male stole them. RP was advised to contact HPD when in progress. 

Friday, March 17

3:19pm. RP stated a male and female are “camped out” in front of Raven Film Center, inhibiting people from walking by on the sidewalk. They are drinking something, but he doesn’t know if it’s alcohol. While officers were en route, the RP called back and stated the subjects had left via bicycle. Unable to locate.

4:26pm. Check Case-Insufficient funds, occurred at Copperfield’s Books on Matheson St. RP came to the police department lobby to report that a customer wrote two bad checks; the bank of one of them was called and they stated the account number is correct but the name on the account is incorrect. Report taken.

11:39pm. An accident with property damage occurred at the Roundabout on Healdsburg Ave. RP thinks there is a drunk driver because the vehicle is stuck at the roundabout, and the wheels are spinning while the driver is trying to get free; later the RP stated the occupants are now outside of the vehicle. Officers responded, charged for collision only, reckless driving. Vehicle towed and report taken.

Saturday, March 18

11:07am.  Drug activity suspected at Wicked Slush, Healdsburg Ave., when an officer located suspicious vehicles in the area. A 27-year-old male was arrested and transported to county jail for possession of narcotics and paraphernalia.  

3:26pm. Reckless Driver reported by 911 call at Redwood Hwy/Central off-ramp. Vehicle desc: older model dark blue Tacoma, unknown plates. Driver desc: adult male, dirty/disheveled appearance, blondish hair. Driving behavior: erratic, weaving in and out of traffic, slamming on brake, yelling at people. Officers responded.

9:00pm. Drunk driver reported at Bank Of Marin on Center St. A female older adult with gray shoulder-length hair jaywalked across the street and stumbled into her vehicle, a dark colored Honda Civic or Accord, 4d sedan, and was witnessed driving away. At the Center/Piper intersection, the vehicle did an abrupt stop, swerved to the right and almost hit the stop sign. Officers responded, the surrounding areas were checked and suspect vehicle Gone On Arrival/Unable to Locate.

9:01pm. Assault at L& M Motel on Healdsburg Ave. RP states suspect was in an argument with her and he closed the door on her head when she bent over. Subjects are separated and the male is in his room. RP declined medical but is requesting an incident report. 

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