POLICE ESCORT Healdsburg Police Officer leads the way for the fastest runner in the Fitch Mountain Footrace, June 18, 2023.

Monday, May 29

2:07am. Disturbance on Second St. Report of a male and female yelling at each other. Subjects are associated with a black BMW SUV. Officer responded. Subjects had gotten into a verbal argument with another male who had already left the area. 

10:35am. Petty Theft on March Ave. Phone was stolen on Friday from Duke’s. RP (Reporting Party) has tracked the phone to the listed address and is requesting law enforcement assistance. Officers responded. Phone was located and given back to RP. 

12:27pm. Accident on University St. 2023 Toyota vs. Chevy. No injuries. RP requesting law enforcement assistance.

1:25pm. Reckless Driver reported traveling southbound 101 from Dry Creek Rd. Vehicle described as crossing over all lanes to drive through a mud puddle, and cutting other vehicles off. Officers were advised to BOL (Be on the Lookout) for the vehicle.

3:43pm. Drug Activity on W. Grant St. Juveniles found a backpack with marijuana inside. Officers responded and took possession of the backpack for destruction. 

8:41pm. Disturbance at Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar, Healdsburg Ave. RP is an employee at the restaurant, who states that a patron is threatening her and getting aggressive. Suspect is described as a highly intoxicated female, wearing a flannel shirt, with a ponytail and hat. Suspect is accompanied by a bald male wearing a gray sweatshirt. Second RP stated subjects left on foot through the back door. Officers responded, suspects were UTL/GOA (Unable to Locate/Gone on Arrival). 

Tuesday, May 30

11:44am. Petty Theft at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Ave. occurred last night. Officer responded. A 73-YO (year old) woman was cited for shoplifting.

6:30pm. Petty Theft at Safeway on Vine St. Housekeeper went to pick up RP’s medication (3 schedule drugs) at Safeway, went into the bathroom and left the medications on the counter and when she came out of the bathroom they were missing. Update: RP found the medication in the passenger seat. Assignment complete.

8:18pm. Disturbance at The Parish Cafe on Mill St. RP is walking around the round-a-bout and can hear two people screaming at each other, one is believed to be female. Screams sound like they are coming from the above location. Officer responded, subjects were UTL/GOA. 

Wednesday, May 31

2:02am. Warrant Service at Alexander Valley Rd., Geyserville. A vehicle was stopped for tail light violation. A 37-YO female was cited for and released on Sonoma County Warrants for possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. A 52-YO male was arrested and transported to county jail for a no-bail arrest warrant for probation violation and conspiracy to commit a crime. 

8:19am. Unwanted Subject at CVS Pharmacy on Center St. An adult female with short blond hair, last seen wearing a black hoodie with white stripes, black leggings with gray duffle bag. Female was telling the RP that he’s sexually attracted to her. RP has no idea who she is. Officers responded, the subject was advised to leave the area. 

12:49pm. Unwanted Subject on Spur Ridge Ct. RP has a sign on their door and their gate asking for no one to knock. Their dog just had surgery and needs to recover. Two subjects who identified themselves as Jehovah’s Witnesses ignored the signs and rang the doorbell, causing their dog to jump up and become hysterical. RP wanted it noted at this time. 

2:14pm. Disturbance at Safeway on Vine St. Female screaming and cursing at everyone. Covered with a blanket, maybe a brown jacket. Officers responded, made contact with the suspect, she moved along. 

5:08pm. Hit and Run Accident at Creekside Mill Exchange on Exchange Ave. Occurred at back entrance by the railroad tracks. Back window and hatch damaged. Between 2-5pm. Officers responded.

5:27pm. Reckless Driver at University Ave./Powell Ave. Black Infinity vs Blue Mustang chasing each other. Officer responded. Gone On Arrival/Unable to Locate (GOA/UTL).

5:59pm. Cyber/Computer Crime reported at Healdsburg Police Department on Center St. RP’s Instagram was hacked. His password was changed and account was locked. He was told he had to send a video and bitcoins to an email address to get access back. RP did not comply. He was advised to contact Instagram and file with FTC.gov. 

8:51pm. Petty Theft at Rite Aid drugstore on Healdsburg Ave. RP called to report that 15 minutes earlier two female adults stole two bags of items from the store. Unknown items, approximately value is $300-$500. RP is unsure if there is any video footage available. RP states that the subjects are associated with a silver Dodge truck with damage to the front bumper and dent in the passenger side. Report taken.

11:56pm. Warrant Service at Powell Ave. Subject was stopped for expired registration. A 57-YO female was cited and released on a Santa Cruz County warrant for driving without insurance, operating a vehicle without registration and vehicle registration fraud. 

Thursday, June 1

2:18am. Warrant Service at Wine Country Chevron, Healdsburg Ave. Officer contacted an occupied suspicious vehicle at above address. A 26-YO female was cited and released on a Sonoma County warrant for possession of cannabis.

11:16am. Cyber/Computer Crime on Canary Ct. RP was a recent victim of a Venmo scam. RP sold a piece of furniture online and was scammed out of $400. Advice given. 

1:21pm. Probation Violation at Healdsburg Ave./Parkland Farms Blvd. A 44-YO female was stopped for unregistered vehicle. Cited for probation violation and carrying a blade longer than two inches. 

3:58pm. Vandalism to Vehicle at Memorial Bridge. RP was driving northbound on the bridge when a woman threw a glass bottle at his vehicle. Suspect described as adult female, slender, disheveled, brown hair in a bun, wearing sleeveless white shirt and dark color pants. Officer searched the area for the suspect, unable to locate (UTL).

9:28pm. Graffiti at Ward St./Railroad Ave. RP noticed graffiti that was previously covered up but now is back. Described as “X & a couple dots.” Officers responded, report taken.

10:20pm. Fireworks Violation at Victory Apartments on East St. RP stated he sees two male subjects shooting off fireworks multiple times over the last week. RP advised he has sent a video to the city manager. Negative drugs/weapons/alcohol seen. Officers responded; not as reported.

Friday, June 2

12:09am. Probation Violation at St. John’s Church, Matheson St. A 37-YO man was arrested, brought to HPD for pre-booking, then transported to county jail for public intoxication and violation of parole . 

4:45am. Threats at Troubadour on Healdsburg Ave. A woman with short blonde hair, black hoodie, black pants, carrying a large duffel bag, came into the business, making statements that she drank a bottle of wine and said, “Hit me, hit me.” Female also threatened to slice the RP’s throat. Officers responded. A 35-YO female was arrested and transported to county jail for making criminal threats.

9:47am. Accident at Flaky Cream Donut Shop on Center St. RP’s vehicle was hit while parked in the shopping center and the suspect vehicle is blocking her so she cannot leave. HPD unit responded and facilitated exchange of information.

2:41pm. Warrant Service at Sherman St./Healdsburg Ave. Vehicle stopped for registration issue, and the driver, a 51-YO male, was cited for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant of drug possession. Vehicle search revealed no contraband, and driver warned for registration.

5:14pm. Disturbance at L & M Motel on Healdsburg Ave. RP was awoken by an argument between residents at the motel, two women and a man. When the RP told them she was going to call the police, the male started yelling and cursing at her, then left the area pushing a bike. Description included slicked-back black hair and shirtless. HPD units responded, UTL/GOA.

7:56pm. Graffiti at Grant St./Tracks. Received via dispatch email. “Hi, Please remove graffiti on Foss Creek Trail, north from Grant Street. On utility box, walls, 3 places on ground toward Skate Park exit. Thanks.” Photos, report taken.

8:44pm. Threats at McDonald’s on Healdsburg Ave. RP stated a drunk male was trying to give him and his friend $50, and said he was going to kill them when the RP and friend didn’t want to take the money. Officers responded; not as reported and nothing criminal. 

11:03pm. Vandalism to Vehicle on Grove St. at Grant. RP just walked out to her vehicle and saw that it was vandalized. Someone threw eggs over the whole front of the vehicle. Officer responded, report taken. 

Saturday, June 3 

10:32am. Hit and Run Accident at Wicked Slush on Healdsburg Ave. 3rd party info by employee. 5 minutes ago, a white Toyota Corolla hit the victim while victim was on his bike. Suspect vehicle last seen southbound on Healdsburg Ave. Officers responded. Victim not wanting to press charges. 

10:19pm. Reckless Driver at University St./Tucker St. CHP transfer for vehicles racing. RP stated last seen northbound on University at 80 mph+. One vehicle was red with a loud exhaust, no description for the second vehicle. Officer responded; UTL/GOA.

Sunday, June 4

7:20am. Graffiti at Railroad Depot on Harmon St. “X3” on the west wall on the building furthest west in the west side parking lot. Officer responded, report taken.

1:37pm. Counterfeit Bills at Copperfield’s Books on Matheson St. RP/Employee received a counterfeit $20 from a juvenile. When the employee refused his payment, he paid with his debit card. RP thinks the juvenile’s friends were playing a joke on him. 

5:39pm. Warrant Service at Exchange Ave./Healdsburg Ave. Vehicle stopped for unsafe lane changes and registration issue. A 28-YO male was arrested for false ID and invalid driver’s license, and booked on a Sonoma County warrant for driving under the influence charges and invalid driver’s license.

6:56pm. Disturbance at Wicked Slush on Healdsburg Ave. Spanish speaker advising through translator that someone beat up his friend by the river then stopped answering questions. Officers responded. No crime. 8:50pm. Drunk Driver at Wicked Slush on Healdsburg Ave. RP called to advise of possibly intoxicated subject that left the establishment in a black BMW sedan. RP states the subject was being aggressive with staff, yelling at them and making comments. Staff asked him to leave. Subject was associated with an adult female and one other subject of unknown description. BOL (Be on the Lookout) given to officers.

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