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Cross-country Reader

I’m an occasional resident of Sonoma County. Meaning, I love it there and when my remote work schedule allows it, I [drive] from Wisconsin and get to a tiny house I rent in, believe it or not, Healdsburg. I just want to say I love your paper. It fills me with joy even if the news is concerning.

It reminds me that aside from liking to spend a few months there every year because the hiking puts me in the trees or on the Pacific, there are also a lot of really cool people there who think a lot like I do. I embrace that. I look forward to more.

Jack Kear 
Madison, WI

Welcome Simone

What a delightful surprise in the Dec. 14 issue to learn Simone Wilson is writing for The Healdsburg Tribune!

I met Simone when I ran for City Council in 2022. Her detailed coverage of the race and other goings on, in addition to marketing local businesses, intrigued me. Previously I received many of her Patch emails as a receptionist at a local real estate/property management office.

She met me at Little Saint; I really enjoyed getting to know her. I appreciate her style, enthusiasm, professionalism and experience.  It’s great to hear she’s on board with our hometown paper!

Linda Cade

Have thoughts on current issues? Send a letter to [email protected]. May be edited for length.

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