Hotel doesn’t reflect Healdsburg

EDITOR: I agree with Lew and Elaine Sbrana’s letter of February 17, “A Changing Healdsburg.” I, too, was appalled by the demolition of our iconic City Hall, which had been beautifully built by stonemason craftsmen brought over from Italy, and its replacement by the less worthy building now housing the Oakville Market. Now, along with the Sbrana’s, I’m adding my voice to the growing protest against the proposed three 4-story hotels project to be built at the 400 block of Healdsburg Avenue.
It betrays a misunderstanding of Healdsburg’s intrinsic “small town” identity and intrinsic balance between its permanent residents and the tourist-trade. Vesa Breznikaar, Healdsburg Planning Commission co-chair, said it best: Those proposed hotel buildings look like towers and they look blocky and monolithic. The height and the design don’t reflect Healdsburg in any way. When we lose sight of the things that make Healdsburg a place that people fall in love with and want to live in, we will eventually lose everything that makes Healdsburg the special place it is.
Ted Calvert

Support for Burke

EDITOR: I write this letter in support of the candidacy of Kevin Burke for Sheriff. I came to know and interact with Kevin while he served as police chief in Healdsburg. I developed the utmost respect for Kevin’s leadership skills while he served in that capacity. I served as police chief in Healdsburg (11 years), San Bruno (5 years), Cloverdale (1 year) and SRJC as interim chief (1 year). I understand how important it is to have a person with strong leadership skills in charge of a community law enforcement department.
I also found Kevin to be very active (and proactive) in community outreach efforts. As one example, he facilitated a valuable mental health program during his tenure in Healdsburg. As we all know, the ability to recognize and address mental health issues has become an increasingly important component of law enforcement efforts and activities.
Finally, I have found Kevin to always be accessible. Given the broad scope of responsibilities associated with the Sheriff’s Office, I believe Kevin’s demonstrated leadership, accessibility and responsiveness to the overall community will serve our County well. I am pleased to endorse Kevin Burke for Sonoma County Sheriff.
Joe Palla, retired police chief
Councilmember, City of Cloverdale

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