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Healdsburg ‘Experience’

As usual, the farmworkers are completely ignored by the founders and participants of the Wine & Food Experience (“Table is Set for Weekend’s Wine & Food ‘Experience,’” May 16). What a travesty! The Tribune should dig into this and find the reason behind the snub.

The farmworkers will be having their own event in the Plaza that day by organizing for disaster pay and dignified wages. If you’d like to lend your support to them, head down to the Plaza after attending the “grand” tasting.

Valerie White

City Council

I’m not surprised that so few attended (“Preliminary City Budget,” May 16). During the utilities/water increase meeting a gentleman stood up and declared the water report was incorrect. He wanted some time to audit and correct the numbers. 

He was dismissed in short order, as was his report. Councilman Hagele declared he stood by the city report. This is how anyone who disagrees gets treated. It’s full steam ahead with the council agenda. Maybe a pat on the head and a thank you.

Anne Goebel

Why is the City Council in the arts and culture business? I’m glad the City Council members got a raise, but why does Healdsburg even need a City Council? Wouldn’t a city manager be enough? Perhaps the best news from the meeting is how few people were there trying to get more money from the city taxpayers for their special projects.

Tim McGraw

Re: Flashbacks, May 2

My late parents were directly involved with the initial development of the “next generation steam drilling” in the late 1950s and very early 1960s as investors. As were many others locally. 

I was also fortunate in that we became next-door neighbors, and lifelong friends, of two Electrical Generation Engineers who PG&E relocated to Healdsburg. One was from the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Plant and the other from the San Bruno Natural Gas Generation Plant. 

As a very small boy, I was with them all as the Generator at Unit 1 was first activated in 1960 or ’61, I estimate. The sound was deafening.

Gary Wilson

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