Cloverdale residents since 2015
What brought you here?
(Kathleen) Our bed and breakfast. The previous owners were members of our wine club in the Alexander Valley. They were leaving because they were selling the
B&B to someone from San Diego who would use it as a second home. I was aghast. I’d delivered wine here often and I wanted it to continue as a B&B. I asked my husband if we could get it licensed as a winery would he be interested in buying it. He was, so we put in a bid which they accepted because we wanted to keep it a B&B. (Madeline) We were at a Giants game when the realtor called to say the sale had closed. We were ecstatic. My boyfriend Chris and I are the innkeepers and live on site.
What keeps you here?
(Madeline) Our arrival was kind of a blur. The very next day my stepfather and my boyfriend brought over a ton of stuff and unloaded it. We had 13 guests in house and I made shirred eggs. It was the first time I’d cooked in this kitchen and there was no cheese grater so I chopped up the parmesan with a knife. It was chaotic but fun. (Kathleen) Yes, the selling realtor wouldn’t let us onto the property until 4 p.m., so everything had to happen at once. We love Cloverdale. I love Bolt for my quilting, and Mike and Marne and Plank and the farmers’ market. The Winter Festival this year brought me to tears. The people are lovely. (Madeline) And the Hechts and The Clover. It’s such a wonderful community. We’re getting to know everyone and becoming part of it. We went to Papa’s Pizza the other night and knew half the people in there.

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