Police Station
HEADQUARTERS The Healdsburg Police station at 238 Center St. (Photo by Christian Kallen)

Monday, April 29

3:07am A transient man was yelling and mumbling in front of an apartment on Healdsburg Avenue. Officers responded and the man was told of the complaint.

10:57am Petty theft of a credit card from an unlocked vehicle occurred on Fitch Street. The suspect used the credit card at Safeway on Vine Street. An officer met with the Reporting Party (RP) and followed up with Safeway. A report was taken.

11:41am A hit-and-run accident occurred on Lincoln Street at University Street. The RP stated she saw a white Honda Pilot vehicle hit a parked vehicle. An officer met with the victim who did not want a report at that time.

12:05pm An officer contacted a 65-year-old (YO) woman in the West Plaza Parking Lot on Healdsburg Avenue. She was cited on an outstanding Sonoma County warrant regarding possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

3:30pm A woman was yelling and swearing near Young & Yonder Spirits on Allan Court. The RP had set up a food bank and was concerned for the families using the food bank. Officers responded. The woman refused medical aid. She was provided a bus pass and moved along.

8:03pm A man was in front of a house on Prentice Drive harassing the RP and the RP’s family. The RP waited in his car to ensure the subject did not return to his property. Officers responded but were unable to locate the subject.

Tuesday, April 30

12:54am – 2:28am Five early-morning incidents of graffiti were reported to Healdsburg Police in the same general vicinity: on Front Street at Russian River Pines, on South University Street, near Fogbelt Brewing Company on Hudson Street, at Old Roma Station on Hudson Street and near Foss Creek Pathway on Front Street.

8:34am The RP on Rose Lane stated a person was at the RP’s house in violation of a court order. The man did not have any weapons but was known to be aggressive. Officers responded and arrested a 36-YO man for violating a restraining order. He was transported to county jail.

3:51pm A vehicle was stopped near the Bank of America on Healdsburg Avenue for violating tail light rules. A 63-YO woman was cited and released for possession of fireworks and violating probation.

9:55pm The RP indicated that the RP’s friend required help from police at the Healdsburg Community Center on Healdsburg Avenue. The RP’s friend was assaulted with a 6-inch black knife in the parking lot. Officers and medics responded. The suspect left the area via a fence opening to the Oak Grove Apartments on Grove Street. The suspect may have been drinking. An investigation was started and a report was taken.

WANTED Damian Martinez Osorio is being sought for alleged vandalism.

Wednesday, May 1

7:47am The RP stated tires were slashed on a vehicle at the Healdsburg Community Center on Healdsburg Avenue. A report was taken regarding the vandalism. Similar calls regarding other vehicles with slashed tires were reported at 7:55am, 8:52am and 9:40am on May 1. At 8:32am on May 2, another RP called on behalf of her father. The tires of the RP’s father’s vehicle were also slashed.

NOTE: A suspect was identified and a bulletin issued for information as to the whereabouts of Damian Martinez Osorio, 29, of Healdsburg, also known as Gael Leon. Police request anyone with information to call the Healdsburg Police Department at (707) 431-3377. Tips can be submitted to [email protected].

3:20pm The RP indicated that a person was screaming at the Healdsburg Modern Cottages on Foss Street. Officers responded and determined that the subject got undressed and jumped in the pool prior to leaving the property. The RP wanted to press charges for trespass and indecent exposure. A 42-YO woman was arrested and transported to county jail for violation of probation, indecent exposure, obstructing a public business and possession of a controlled substance.

10:53pm The RP stated an argument took place on Cowan Lane between the RP’s father and mother. Officers responded. A 53-YO man was arrested for inflicting injury on a spouse and transported to county jail.

Thursday, May 2

5:46am Grand theft occurred on Mountain View Drive. The RP’s white electric bike valued at $1,500 was stolen from his garage. The RP found the garage open and did not remember if he closed it. An officer responded and took a report.

9:37am The RP indicated that a man on a motorcycle with a loud exhaust was driving at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic on Healdsburg Avenue. Officers responded, but the motorcycle was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

12:13pm An RP on Canyon Run was the victim of fraud. The RP believed she was speaking with Wells Fargo and provided account information. She was defrauded of $5,777. Wells Fargo was doing their own investigation. Officers responded and took a report.

3:31pm The RP at Rotten Robbie on Healdsburg Avenue indicated that two men were in a physical fight and someone was physically abusing a dog. Officers responded. A 56-YO man was cited and released for animal abuse.

7:09pm Reckless driving was reported on Old Redwood Highway at Starr Road. The information was transferred to the California Highway Patrol.

10:54pm A vehicle was stopped at Chevron South on Healdsburg Avenue for lacking vehicle registration. A 56-YO man was arrested for drunk driving and released to a responsible party.

Friday, May 3

11:55am Petty theft occurred at the Healdsburg Regional Library on Piper Street. The RP stated that three to four months ago, the laptop he borrowed from the library was stolen. The library requested a police report. Officers responded and took a report.

1:07pm Petty theft occurred at Goodwill Industries on Healdsburg Avenue. The store manager reported a woman stole items of unknown value from the business. The RP wanted to press charges. Officers responded and took a report.

8:13pm The RP indicated that a person came to her gate on Sunnyvale Drive and yelled at her. He said inappropriate things to her and her family, which made her uncomfortable. She wanted to press charges. She was advised to call back if the man was on the property again.

Saturday, May 4

2:05pm Fraud occurred at Safeway on Vine Street. The RP lost her purse with her wallet inside at Safeway on May 3, 2024. Charges were made with the RP’s Exchange Bank debit card. $200-$500 cash and other cards were also in the wallet. Officers spoke with the RP and took a report.

10:59pm The RP indicated that the driver of a vehicle with a Massachusetts license plate was smoking marijuana at the McDonald’s on Healdsburg Avenue. The information was broadcast to Healdsburg Police Department officers.

Sunday, May 5

1:26am A person in the Emergency Room of Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital stated that he was assaulted by three men at Duke’s Spirited Cocktails on Paza Street. The RP stated he was at the bar when he was called outside and the assault occurred. Officers responded to the emergency room and took a report. The manager at Duke’s reported that a patron caused problems and threatened staff. The manager said the patron assaulted one of the staff members and the staff member hit back in self defense. The manager said the patron got up and stated “I’m going to kill you.” The manager was willing to trespass the patron but not press charges. Offices responded and took a report.

12:58pm Officers stopped a vehicle at Wine Country Chevron on Healdsburg Avenue for display of an altered license plate. A 47-YO man was cited and released for driving with a license suspended for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and lacking proof of insurance.

2:11pm A vehicle was stopped at the Healdsburg Community Center on Healdsburg Avenue for violating tail light rules. A 35-YO man was cited and released for driving without a license and on an outstanding Sonoma County Warrant regarding similar charges.

2:27pm A road rage incident occurred at Safeway on Vine Street. The RP stated that a minivan tried to ram the RP’s vehicle and then the driver got out of the minivan and yelled at the RP and the RP’s girlfriend while filming them. The minivan then followed them. The RP was advised to call back if the RP saw the subject again. Officers were advised to be on the lookout for the minivan.

Compiled by Carolyn Brenner

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