Police cars behind Healdsburg station
POLICE FLEET Vehicles of the Healdsburg Police Department parked behind their headquarters at 238 Center Street.

Monday, May 6

11:39am An officer stopped a driver on Presidential Circle, recognizing him as a suspended driver on probation. A 41-year-old (YO) man was cited for violation of probation, possession of drug paraphernalia and use of a false vehicle registration.

2:56pm Transients who had a dog with them at the Animal Shelter on Westside Road were yelling at an employee about getting their other dog back. The employee was scared and uncomfortable. Officers responded and contacted Animal Care and Control to handle the situation.

Tuesday, May 7

12:17am The Reporting Party (RP) stated he dropped off a guitar on Grant Street. As the RP was leaving, a 56-YO man threw rocks at the RP’s car, breaking the windshield. The RP was then attacked by the man with a machete and hammer. The RP was cut, but not seriously. The RP waited for officers around the corner with the RP’s vehicle, while the suspect was at a mutual friend’s house. The suspect may have been under the influence of a controlled substance without a prescription, and he was known to use methamphetamine. Officers responded and cited the suspect for vandalism.

12:42pm A driver was stopped at La Tradicion Market on Healdsburg Avenue for driving with a license suspended for DUI offenses. The 47-YO man was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, operating a vehicle while on probation for DUI, driving without using the required ignition locking device, possession of a controlled substance, violating probation, making false statements to an officer and driving with a license suspended for DUI. The man was transported to county jail.

1:27pm Graffiti was reported on the walking path behind the Carson Warner Skate Park on Grove Street. 

7:47pm Arson occurred on University Avenue at Powell Avenue. A woman tried to light signs on fire with a lighter, but the signs did not ignite because they were plastic. A second RP indicated that the woman was talking to herself. Officers responded and arrested a 49-YO woman for aggravated arson. She was transported to county jail.

8:07pm A woman was screaming obscenities at the Healdsburg Regional Library on Piper Street. The response by officers was delayed due to a priority incident. When an officer responded, the woman was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

10:35pm Death threats to the RP on Linda View Drive occurred via text message. An officer responded and took a report.

Wednesday, May 8

7:09am Trespassing occurred on West Matheson Street. The RP stated he saw on his security cameras that a woman walked onto his property. The RP was willing to file a trespass letter against the woman. An officer responded and spoke with the woman about the complaint. She agreed to move along.

11:36am Trespassing by a man with an unserved trespass letter occurred at St. Paul’s Church on Matheson Street. The RP wanted the trespass letter served and for the man to be reminded that he was not allowed on the property. An officer responded, but the man was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

12:52pm A man at the Healdsburg Senior Center on Matheson Street verbally accosted one of the members, made threats and mentioned a firearm. Subsequently, the man left. The Healdsburg Senior Center wanted a trespass letter filed against the man. Officers responded, located the man, admonished him and advised him not to return to the Healdsburg Senior Center.

1:37pm A vehicle was stopped at La Tradicion Market on Healdsburg Avenue. A 49-YO man was cited and released for violating probation, driving with a license suspended for DUI and not carrying proof of insurance.

1:44pm The RP stated that a vehicle was following her on Center Street. Subsequently, the vehicle stopped following her, so Healdsburg Police Dispatch advised her to call back if she was followed again.

7:13pm A parole violation occurred at Safeway on Vine Street. A 55-YO man was highly intoxicated and in possession of alcohol. He was arrested and transported to county jail for public intoxication.

8:32pm The RP stated a physical fight occurred between juvenile boys at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. Five to six juveniles were seen. Officers responded and contacted the victim. Officers looked for the suspects and their vehicle, and a report was taken.

Thursday, May 9

5:53am A person was yelling in front of the south entrance of Safeway on Vine Street. An officer responded. The person agreed to leave and go to St. Paul’s to shower.

9:37am The RP said fraud occurred at Healdsburg Day Labor Center on Grove Street. The RP stated that he worked cutting trees for seven hours at $25 per hour for a total of $175. A week had passed, and he had not been paid.

3:08pm The RP indicated that a woman sitting on the window sill at Gallery Lulo on Center Street was acting volatile and psychotic. The RP wanted her to move along. Officers and a social worker responded and met with the woman. She was provided resources and decided to go to Santa Rosa.

5:39pm A vehicle near the Central offramp of Highway 101 swerved and almost hit other vehicles. Officers contacted the driver. A 47-YO man was arrested and transported to county jail for drunk driving.

Friday, May 10

10:12am Graffiti was reported near the footbridge by Oak Grove Apartments on Grove Street. Graffiti was also carved into a machine in the laundry room.

11:10am Reckless driving occurred at the Central offramp of Highway 101. A truck almost hit the RP’s vehicle, almost clipped a motorcycle and ran a red light. An officer responded, but the vehicle was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

1:13pm A woman became aggressive after she was denied a room at Hotel Healdsburg on Matheson Street. The RP was willing to file a no trespassing letter against the woman. Officers responded, but the woman was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

1:29pm The RP stated there was a combative and aggressive person at the Healdsburg Senior Living Community on Grove Street. The RP indicated that two residents began pushing each other. Officers responded and determined no criminal activity had occurred.

8:20pm An RP said a driver near Hudson Street at Front Street left Fogbelt and hit a curb. The RP believed the driver might be drunk. Officers responded, but the vehicle was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

10:12pm Reckless driving occurred near Longboard Vineyards on Fitch Street. A driver was revving the engine. Officers responded, but the vehicle was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

Saturday, May 11

6:19pm A vehicle was swerving in and out of lanes moving eastbound on Dry Creek Road. An officer responded, but the vehicle was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

Sunday, May 12

12:03am A vehicle occupied by an adult and juveniles was stopped on Sunnyvale Drive. One of the juveniles was released to a responsible party. The other juvenile was cited for drunk driving and released to a responsible party.

5:24am A man checked himself into Healdsburg General Hospital on University Avenue. His blood alcohol level was .380. HGH allowed the man to stay until he was able to get an Uber or Lyft. However, the man went to his own vehicle and drove away. He lived outside of the Healdsburg  jurisdiction, so the California Highway Patrol was notified.

4:17pm A woman at The Lodge on Grove Street wandered around the property while swearing at the employees. She refused to leave. Officers responded, and the woman left in a vehicle going westbound on Dry Creek Road toward the freeway. Soon multiple 911 calls were received about her vehicle, which rammed the side rails on Highway 101 and exited on Old Redwood Highway. Officers located the vehicle and started medical treatment for a head injury. The California Highway Patrol was called to handle the situation.

Compiled by Carolyn Brenner

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