POLICE FLEET Police cars cleaned, fueled and ready to patrol at Healdsburg Police Department on Center Street. (Photo by Christian Kallen)

Monday, Oct. 16

11:06am The Reporting Party (RP) said she believes her parked car was hit the previous day at Safeway on Vine Street. An officer responded and took a report on the hit and run.

12:13pm The RP indicated that a woman in the lobby of Summit State Bank on Vine Street told employees to give her keys. The employees did not know the woman or have anything that belonged to her. The woman refused to leave until the RP was on the phone.

12:28pm Officers cited two subjects at the Wicked Slush location on Old Redwood Highway for outstanding Sonoma County warrants. A 24-year-old (YO) man was cited regarding drug paraphernalia possession; a 26-YO woman was cited for being under the influence of a controlled substance and vandalism.

3:31pm An officer was flagged down at Giorgi Park on University Avenue where the RP indicated two juveniles were smoking marijuana. The officer searched the area, but the subjects were unable to be located.

6:38pm Petty theft occurred at Safeway on Vine Street. The RP was at Safeway’s self check-out and requested $60 cash back. She realized in the parking lot that she had forgotten to take the cash from the machine. When she went back inside the store, the money was gone. Safeway employees reviewed video of a woman in line behind the RP who took the money. An officer found the woman. She returned the money to Safeway for the RP to retrieve.

9:20pm The RP received a text from her son stating there was someone outside his window on Ward Street. They both heard someone yelling outside multiple times, but did not see the prowler. Officers responded, but were unable to locate the prowler.

Tuesday, Oct. 17

2:32am An officer stopped a vehicle on Vine Street at North Street for running a red light. A 30-YO woman was arrested and transported to county jail for driving while addicted to drugs, possessing or using nitrous oxide, violating probation and driving while on probation for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

11:15am Petty theft occurred at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. A man stole two sandwiches. An officer responded and took a report.

Wednesday, Oct. 18

6:34pm The RP indicated that a man at La Tradicion Market on Healdsburg Avenue was coming in and out asking customers for money. Officers responded and the business filed a “No Trespass” letter against the subject. The subject was advised of the filing.

7:55pm The Flock license plate scanner system registered a stolen vehicle at Chevron South on Healdsburg Avenue entering US 101 southbound. An officer looked for the vehicle on 101 southbound to Windsor south, but was unable to locate it.

12:57pm Two men were in a physical fight on Terrace Boulevard. A woman was yelling. Both men had their shirts off and no weapons were seen. Officers responded and spoke with residents in the area, but no suspect or victim was located.

Thursday, Oct. 19

12:49am Petty theft occurred at Rete on Matheson Street. A man stole approximately $150 worth of items. The RP has cameras and will press charges. Officers responded and checked the area, but the subject was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

9:07pm The RP indicated that a driver drove southbound in the northbound lanes on Redwood Highway at Lytton Springs Road.  Officers responded but the vehicle was unable to be located.

9:26pm An RP on Lupine Road said that her brother was very agitated after a family discussion and was in front of the residence with a metal bar breaking household items. She said he uses marijuana and she believed he could have been coming down from use. The RP warned that her brother is capable of violence. Officers responded. The suspect had armed himself with a metal bar and ax inside the residence, where he used the weapons to break more household items. He made criminal threats to law enforcement and prevented people inside the residence from leaving. Family members safely exited at 1:30am. At 4am 19-YO Ernesto Botello  was arrested and transported to county jail for false imprisonment, criminal threats, vandalism, preventing an officer from performing his duties and resisting arrest. He remains in custody.

Friday, Oct. 20

11:24am The RP came to the police station lobby on Center Street to report that someone posed as Amazon and asked the RP to send gift cards. The RP did and was defrauded of approximately $2,000. An officer responded and took a report.

11:40am The RP indicated that a woman was screaming on Grove Street and a man was grabbing or hugging her. Officers responded, but the subjects were gone on arrival and unable to be located.

11:52am The RP stated a woman was on Redwood Highway at Dry Creek Road screaming. The incident was transferred to California Highway Patrol.

5:01pm The RP indicated a subject in a vehicle at Chevron South on Healdsburg Avenue was grabbing his chest and not verbally responding when the RP asked if he was okay. Officers responded and the subject was found to be in possession of a methamphetamine pipe, burglary tools and prescription drugs without a valid prescription. A 25-YO man was arrested and transported to county jail.

7:34pm The RP indicated that a man threw cigarettes in the RP’s face on Canyon Run. The subject walked toward Parkland Farms. The RP was not injured and declined medical attention. The RP decided not to press charges.

Saturday, Oct. 21

12:38am The RP indicated reckless driving occurred on Parkland Farms Boulevard at Healdsburg Avenue. Vehicles were racing in that area and also in the area near the Montage. The RP requested an extra patrol when available between the hours of 11pm and 1am. The RP also requested a radar be moved to the area if possible.

2:33pm A 48-YO man at the river frontage area on Healdsburg Avenue was arrested and transported to county jail on outstanding Sonoma County warrants regarding being a felon in possession of ammunition, possession of drug paraphernalia, buying or receiving a stolen vehicle, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

4:28pm The RP indicated that a man in bushes was filming girls decorating a house on Johnson Street. Officers responded and arrested a 28-YO man and transported him to county jail for possession of methamphetamine and public intoxication.

9:02pm The RP indicated that a battery occurred on Canyon Run. A neighbor pushed the RP, kicked a soda out of his hand and asked “Do you want to die?” The neighbor then walked away, stating he was going to kill the RP.  The RP’s chest hurt and was red where he was pushed, but the RP declined medical attention. The RP indicated that the suspect walked towards Parkland Farms with a large flashlight or club. Officers responded and arrested a 52-YO man and took him to county jail for attempted battery, simple battery and disturbing the peace.

Sunday, Oct. 22

1:32am A vehicle was stopped on Sherman Street at Prince Street for crossing a divided highway, changing lanes in an unsafe manner and using altered license plates. A 30-YO man was arrested and transported to county jail for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a license and crossing a divided highway.

5:01pm The RP indicated that her car was egged on Oct. 20 on Falcon Way. She believes it may have been the same juvenile who her teenage son had issues with last school year. Advice was given to the RP.

11:10pm The RP indicated that two men were fighting in the parking lot of Victory Apartments on East Street. A second caller indicated the fight sounded like it was calming down. Officers responded and medical assistance was declined. Neither man was arrested or charged. One man continued to be upset about lowering his music.

Compiled by Carolyn Brenner

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