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September 29, 2023

Police Log

Partial List of Incidents Reported to Healdsburg Police, May 8-14

Monday, May 8

8:23am. Officer-initiated activity at Wicked Slush, Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. A 25-year-old man was arrested for “assault with a deadly weapon“ and transported to Sonoma County Jail for an incident on May 7.

11:06am. Battery reported at Railroad Park on Front St. Reporting Party (RP) at Healdsburg General Hospital, said last week a man kicked him in the stomach two times, chased him and threatened to kill him. RP requested charges.

12:05pm. Fraud reported on Meadow Ct. RP was contacted by someone claiming to be from Comcast. They promised her a lower bill and asked her to purchase 3 Target gift cards in the amount of $370 each. She did so and is now out of money.

1:18pm. Disturbance at Badger Park. White van occupied by either a male or a female with a raspy voice yelling obscenities; trash spewed about. RP concerned there were several kids in the area hearing the obscenities. Officer responded, upon investigation the subject was transported to Healdsburg Hospital.

2:16pm. Trespassing at 7-Eleven Store on Healdsburg Ave. Male subject hanging out/sleeping on the property. RP has asked him to leave 4–5 times a day, every day for the past several days and is willing to trespass the subject. Officer responded, the suspect was advised not to congregate outside the business.

4:18pm. Petty theft at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Ave. RP reported that a male took hot food without paying. Last seen wearing a gray shirt with a long-sleeve burgundy shirt underneath, carrying a blue backpack. Officers arrived on the scene and contacted the suspect, a 44-year-old man who was arrested for shoplifting and probation violation, and transported to Sonoma County Jail.

5:11pm. Petty theft at Fitch Mountain Elementary Campus on Monte Vista Ave. RP’s son’s bike was stolen from school Monday May 1. The bike is black and has “BMX” along the middle bar. Call if located.

Tuesday, May 9

2:20am. Officer-initiated activity at Adel’s Restaurant, Dry Creek Rd., Healdsburg. Vehicle stopped for speeding. Two females, 38 and 35 years old, were cited and released for possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia. A 32-year-old male was arrested and transported to County Jail for using false identification, driving with a suspended license and possession of paraphernalia and of controlled substances without a valid prescription.

8:33am. Cyber/Computer Crime reported on Healdsburg Ave. RP’s husband put a 1954 car up for sale on “Oldcars.com” for $7,000. They received a response from a subject who ultimately sent them a cashier’s check for $12,000. The RP called the Texas bank the cashier’s check was through and was advised that the check was bogus. RP was instructed by the bank in Texas and her bank here in town to call law enforcement. Report made.

9:04am. Petty theft at Big John’s Market over the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday; same person both days. Unknown who they are; video footage available. Willing to press charges.

5:23pm. Possible drug activity at Wicked Slush on Healdsburg Ave., three males described by RP. Subjects had been hanging out on the property all day, hiding in the bushes; one was holding something out of his pocket so someone else could look at it. Officers responded, subjects were advised to move along.

7:21pm. Battery reported at Hotel Healdsburg on Matheson St. An adult male with a dog “shoved RP and hit her on both sides of her face.” Headed south on bicycle w/dog. RP stated the suspect smoked and she could not understand what he was saying. Described as thin build, 5’10,” scraggly beard; bike had a yellow cart attached where he put his dog. Officers responded, unable to locate.

Wednesday, May 10

5:09pm. Accident reported at Dry Creek Rd./Grove St. Two-vehicle collision, possible Jeep and 2-door sedan. Unknown injuries. Right by the freeway in the middle of the intersection. Officers responded, unable to locate collision.

8:05pm. Trespassing at Fairview Inn and Suites on Healdsburg Ave. Man on the roof of the L & M jumped down between the buildings. “Description: Hawaiian shirt, glasses and curly hair. Subject is not welcome on the property.” RP wanted him trespassed if he was on Fairview property and told him to stay off of the roof. Sergeant responded; subject was getting his football off the roof.

Thursday, May 11

11:53am. Accident at Spa Dolce on Center St. RP stated his car was hit and the responsible party left a receipt and phone number. RP called the number and someone not involved answered the phone. Sergeant responded with both involved parties, report taken.

12:01pm. Public intoxication at Healdsburg District Hospital. RP stated a patient refused treatment and was now refusing to leave. He was not being violent. Location: ER lobby. Officers responded; a 42-year-old male was arrested for public intoxication and probation violation, pre-booked at HPD and then transported to county jail.

4:21pm. Accident occurred at Healdsburg Museum on Fitch St./Plaza St. RP stated she witnessed a collision. 2nd RP was driver of truck, no airbags deployed. Mini Cooper was slightly in the roadway. Report taken.

5:07pm. Accident with property damage only at Second St./Matheson St. RP stated a collision occurred with no injuries, but the other party was not insured. The RP requested an officer.

5:39 pm. Trespassing occurred on Pordon Ln. RP stated a male from the golf course came into her house and did not leave until her male partner arrived. “He acted as if it was not a big deal.” Suspect continued golfing with another couple. Police responded and spoke to all involved parties, no burglary charge, the male was counseled.

10:04pm. Officer contacted several individuals for being out after hours in Gibbs Park, Prentice Dr. A 28-year-old male was cited and released on a Mendocino County warrant for drunk driving, enhanced drunk driving (above 0.15% BAC), driving without a license and failure to appear in court. Citation Issued.

11:39pm. A hit-and-run accident was located by an officer at Monte Vista Ave./University St., Healdsburg. No one in or around the vehicle, but major property damage, vehicle vs. trailer. Other officers responded to assist.

11:57pm. Accident at Memorial Bridge on Healdsburg Ave./Front St. RP stated he drove by a solo vehicle accident on the bridge. A dark-colored pick-up truck; unknown plate, possibly on the east side of the bridge. Officer responded; tow requested and Sheriff’s Deputy assisted with traffic control.

Friday, May 12

4:43am. Hit-and-run accident reported on Terrace Blvd. Through a translator, RP stated he was driving home from work and got into an accident with a trailer. He stated he left the vehicle at the scene, “got nervous about the accident and went home.” RP stated “he does not need medical attention but has shards of glass in fingers but nothing serious.” Officers responded and spoke with the RP. This is thought to be related to the incident on May 11 at 11:39pm.

5:50am. Disturbance on University St. RP stated the neighbors from two doors down woke her up yelling. Male voices heard only. RP stated HPD has made contact with them multiple times. RP believed one of the males had MH (mental health) concerns. Officers responded and contacted the subject, who was advised of the complaint. Negative disturbing the peace, he was playing loud music, no further assistance needed.

10:36am Vandalism to Vehicle at Alvarez Landscaping on Healdsburg Ave. RP stated: on Monday it was discovered that the company vehicle was malfunctioning. The vehicle was taken to Sanderson to get evaluated and it was found that there were metal shavings in the gas tank. RP was not sure where and when it occurred. Officer responded, report taken.

11:29am. Unwanted subject at Wicked Slush on Healdsburg Ave. RP wanted a female who was irate/agitated in her vehicle to be trespassed. RP stated someone was there trying to jump her vehicle but did not think they were successful. Law enforcement and mental health officers responded. The female was formally trespassed from the property (dispatch awaiting trespass letter). The registered owner of the vehicle responded to move the vehicle.

1:24pm. Hit-and-run accident at Carl’s Jr. on Vine St. RP’s vehicle was unoccupied while he was inside the business. On coming out RP discovered severe damage to his vehicle. No suspect vehicle seen, nor any witnesses. RP stated accident occurred 15-45 minutes ago. Sergeant responded and report taken.

4:07pm. Unwanted Subject at Safeway on Vine St. RP stated a female customer was cursing, causing a scene and refusing to leave. Female 26 years old, slim build, 503, gray sweater and gray pants. Neg weapons, drugs or alcohol. RP wanted subject trespassed. Officers responded; unable to locate. The business will call back if she returns.

4:19pm. Disturbance at Healdsburg Museum on Matheson St. RP stated there was a female in distress yelling to herself and the RP believed “she is having a mental health crisis.” Unknown race, white dress. She had the hood of her Jeep open. Neg weapons, drugs, alcohol. Officers responded. The individual stated “she is having a hard day and will leave soon.”

9:53pm. Disturbance at Great Clips on Vine St. Two males were driving around the parking lot at more than 30mph in two white SUVs. RP was unclear on direction of travel, but one of the vehicles likely left northbound on Vine St. Officers responded and spoke with a subject who witnessed the event. They stated, “It was likely juveniles and they left the area.”

10:40pm. A 46-year-old man at Rotten Robbies, Healdsburg Ave., was stopped for driving a vehicle with an expired registration, and cited for driving with a suspended license and parole violation.

Saturday, May 13

4:09pm. Accident occurred at Villa Chanticleer on Chanticleer Way. An RP stated there was an overturned vehicle, and that there were three men running. “One had red shoes, all wearing pants.” Direction of travel westbound N. Fitch Mountain Rd., away from the mountain. Officers responded, fire and medical on scene. Unable to locate suspects. Vehicle towed.

Sunday, May 14

12:43am. Disturbance on University St. RP requested law enforcement assistance to get his son out of his house. “RP stated his son won’t leave, banging on the walls, waking neighbors, playing music and driving him ‘nuts.’” RP was unsure if any drugs/weapons/alcohol or if son was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Officers responded and contacted the father. PD has extensive history with father and son.

1:25pm. Hit-and-run accident at the roundabout on Healdsburg Ave. RP stated he was rear-ended at the roundabout, not injured. RP stated he waved at the suspect driver, but the driver continued to drive southbound on Healdsburg Ave. without stopping. Vehicle described as black/gray large GMC construction truck with wood paneling. RP stated negative damage to his vehicle, did not want to citizen arrest and canceled the officer response.


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