DRIVE Nolan Brenner drives off the tee at Tayman Park. He can check the results of his drives on the Toptracer screen located at each of the driving range’s 18 hitting bays.

The writer is a 7th grader at The Healdsburg School who has been golfing since he was 7 years old (he’s now 12).

By Nolan Brenner

LIVE VIEW A screen capture from a Toptracer session gauging drive distance, apex and ball speed. (Courtesy Toptracer)

Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park just added an exciting new attraction to its already awesome driving range. It installed a Toptracer in all 18 hitting bays at their driving range! The machine can track golf shots and tell you the distance you hit the range balls, your carry (how far the ball is hit in the air), your spin rate and so much more.

You can also play games such as Go Fish, where sharks are placed on a virtual course! If, and when, you hit your ball into the shark zones, you can get many stars/points at a time.

Another one of the Toptracer’s many features is the “longest drive” competition where you can compete against your friends, and see who’s got the most muscle. A great feature I love are the many virtual courses from all over the world you can play on.

I used the machine with Oscar Stewart and Cameron Taovani when it was raining, instead of going out on the course. The weather wasn’t an issue because we were under a roof while using Toptracer to play Pebble Beach virtually. We had a great time and a great match all around.

TEACHING AID Healdsburg Golf Club instructor Amanda Beeler shows students how the Toptracer screen registers their drives.

My experience with the machine was phenomenal. I can now see exactly how far all of my clubs make the ball go, and this will help me in future tournaments with the PGA Junior League. I think this machine will help me later in life at golf, and I’m very excited to use it more.

All people need to do to access Toptracer is get a bucket of balls from the pro shop and you can easily fire it up!

More about the technology at Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park is located at 927 S. Fitch Mountain Road, open daily

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