In great sorrow, we announce the passing of Waffles, whose full name was Wea Willy Waffles Willner. Waffles passed on July 3rd, one day before his 19th birthday. 

Waffles was well known throughout Windsor. In his younger years, he was known in the soccer community for running on the field dressed as a mascot during halftime, to the joy of everyone. He dressed as the Green Flash, a unicorn and a pink bunny, to the laughs of all who saw him. He was often a distraction, as children wanted to hold and pet him before the game was over.

He later was designated as a therapy dog. Children would gather around to see him and take their turn holding him. He enjoyed being coddled in arms, like a baby. Waffles was so trusting and easy going that he could be held upside down! His motto was any lap in a storm.

Waffles was much loved in the Windsor School District community, with his tongue hanging out and silly grin. The children would come running when they saw him. He made everyone feel better and was happy to be by anyone’s side. Waffles seemed to know who had a problem and would approach those in need. Everyone who met him loved him!

Waffles loved sunbathing, ice cream and marshmallows. He enjoyed being in costume for any occasion, as it brought him attention and more pets.

He was greatly loved and will be missed by all who met him.

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