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December 2, 2023

An intimate performing arts venue is opening at the Paul Mahder Gallery

A new nonprofit performance and arts venue called The 222 is opening in Healdsburg at the Paul Mahder Gallery on Aug. 21.
The venue was created to present a wide variety of performing arts — such as jazz, classical, contemporary, choral music, film screenings, literary readings and more — on a year-round basis.
“I am so stoked. I have been trying to launch this for two years now and with the fires and pandemic and everything, it sort of kept this from happening and finally now it’s all taking off and it has been a real dream to finally be able to add this to the gallery space here in terms of a performance venue for Healdsburg,” said venue director Paul Mahder.
The venue’s first performance will be on Aug. 21 and will feature the George Cables Trio. Cables is an American jazz pianist and composer who was born in New York in 1944. Since then, Cables has become known as a major voice in modern jazz.
According to a press release from the 222, the new venue is designed for an “optimal audience experience” and is equipped with a new Yamaha DCFX nine-foot concert grand piano, a professional Bose sound system, stage lighting, a temperature controlled gallery auditorium, a raised stage and club-style seating.
“Healdsburg has needed a performance venue and this is the right space. We’ve done events for years now and everyone has enjoyed having the events here and now this is taking it to the next level and converting the space to a performance venue so we can do different world class events and in the different disciplines, jazz, classical, choral and art events and literary events,” Mahder said.
Mahder said the intimate venue is unique to Healdsburg and while Sonoma County has other venues, such as the Green Center, the 222 will offer a cozier and more personal setting where folks can enjoy world class performances and have the opportunity to interact with performers.
He said the space is also set apart since it’s also home to the Paul Mahder Gallery.
“You have art all around you. The art really adds a new level of experience for the event … To have a nine-foot concert grand here in Healdsburg is going to allow us to have performers that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to entertain here in Healdsburg, which is a big deal,” Mahder said.
Programming directors for the 222 include Eleanor Nichols, film programming director; Sanford Dole, choral program director; John Strawn, performing arts program director; Gary McLaughlin, classical program director; Jessica Felix, jazz program director; Laurie Glover, literary arts program director and Maggy Howe, development director.    
The nonprofit is also a membership organization. People who want to support it can make a donation, or sign up as a member. Members can choose from various member levels, each of which offers different benefits such as priority seating.
For more information about the 222 and to see their calendar of events, visit its website.


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