The local nonprofit that plans to open a movie theater in downtown Healdsburg sometime in the next year is changing its name from AVFilm to True West Film Center, according to the Press Democrat. The new name, which will take effect in a few months, is the second rebrand for the org: They were originally known as the Alexander Valley Film Society. And now they’re acronym-free once again! Here’s some more info from the PD: “The new branding is expected to roll out later this summer after the annual AVFest, set to take place between April 26 and May 5, according to a news release Wednesday. The name change will unify all of the organization’s educational programs, film festival and upcoming cinema center under one name as the agency marks its tenth anniversary. ‘We have served thousands of students with our educational programs, invited hundreds of filmmakers to present their work to local audiences at our festival, and solidified our place as the go-to film organization of northern Sonoma County,’ executive director Kathryn Hecht said in the news release. ‘In the process, we have also grown into a trusted community partner and an advocate for impactful collaborations across industry sectors.’ The nonprofit is also celebrating its first-ever grant from the National Endowment for the Arts earlier this year and the groundbreaking for its new cinema center in Healdsburg. The cinema center, located at 371 Healdsburg Ave., is expected to open in the next 12 months.” It’s always kinda tricky to explain how, exactly, to get to our future movie theater. But I’ll try! It’s in the back part of that little shopping center about a half a block north of the plaza — home to Asahi sushi, the new Troubadour sandwich shop and various boutiques. So you walk through that row of Greek-looking columns with the arbor along the top, in the middle of the shopping center, to get inside to the back part. (Near where the Bear Republic used to keep their giant beer tanks.) And there, on your right, you’ll see the offices of the Alexander Valley Film Society, *pardon* AVFilm, *pardon* True West. Which will one day be a full-blown, three-screen movie theater called the Plaza Cinema Center — showing a mix of popular, big-budget films and more indie/artsy picks. Voila! Movie magic! (Source: Healdsburg Tribune & Press Democrat; paywall)

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Simone Wilson was born and raised in Healdsburg, CA, where she was the editor of the Healdsburg High School Hound's Bark. She has since worked as a local journalist for publications in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York City and the Middle East. Simone is now a senior product manager and staff writer for the Healdsburg Tribune.


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