best arts and culture in healdsburg california

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This conversation was overheard recently in the parlor of a Healdsburg B&B. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

“Oh, George. This has been such a wonderful trip. What shall we do on our last day?”

“Well, Martha, we still have a couple of dozen restaurants to hit, excluding the McDonald’s on the outskirts of town, and at least 67 wineries to visit.”

“Oh, George. Man does not live by bread and wine alone.”

“Don’t get biblical on me, Martha. We’re on vacation. What’s your point?”

“George, my body has been fed and my liver is working on overdrive, but my soul, George, my soul needs to be nourished.”

“And how do you propose we nourish our souls, Martha?”

“Let’s do something cultural, George! Let’s go to an art gallery or see a show! Maybe we can find a place where the locals hang out and hear some live music?”

“Seriously, Martha?”

“Yes, George! I heard some other guests talking about this wonderful gallery downtown that’s in a Quonset hut!”

“Great, Martha. I can relive my salad days when I was stationed in Guam.”


“Alright, alright, Martha. But if we do that, I’m going to need a drink afterward, and NOT wine.”

“Well, George, the young couple in the room next to us were talking about going to a place with live music and a beer garden. The Hippo in the House or something like that.”

“Well, OK, Martha. I guess we can do that or maybe go shopping. I think we passed a mall on the way up here.”

“I did not come to Sonoma County to go to a mall, George! Let’s grab a copy of the local newspaper and find something different and fun to do.”

“What’s a newspaper, Martha?”

“George!” —Harry Duke

Best Musician

Adam Lieb

Best Art Event

Art after Dark, Healdsburg Center for the Arts

Best Photographer

BOURNE Photography Studio + Gallery

Best Latino Community Event

Día de Muertos Healdsburg

Best Live Music

Elephant in the Room

Best Live Jazz Music venue

Furthermore Wines

Best Art Instruction Classes

Healdsburg Center for the Arts

Best Artist

Jessica Martin

Best Art Gallery

Paul Mahder Gallery

Best Local Band

Rainbow Jazz Collective

Best Plaza Event

Tuesdays in the Plaza

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