ONE ROOM The Felta School was built in 1906 and is currently home to a yoga studio.

Research and photographs contributed by The Healdsburg Museum

100 years ago
Dec. 13, 1923

Santa Claus to Greet Kiddies at Clubhouse, Kris Kringle at American Legion

Santa Claus will personally meet and greet the younger generation of Healdsburg citizens at the American Legion club house on the evening of Saturday, December 22. Arrangements for the visit of the genial old reindeer pilot, prior to his regular annual trip to this district, have been made by Sotoyome Post No. 111, with the aid of its auxiliary ladies.

TRADITION The American Legion Sotoyome Post 111 Christmas Party of 1954.

Santa will bring with him candies, nuts, apples and other sweetmeats in sufficient quantity to give each child a little gift, and will be glad at that time to hear from any kiddie what he or she wishes in the way of Christmas gifts. These messages are to be strictly confidential between Kris Kringle and his children, elders not being permitted to “listen in” when whispering is going on. There will be something like 300 pounds of Christmas candy to be distributed, in addition to several boxes of apples and a goodly quantity of nuts.

While Santa’s arrival is being awaited there will be entertainment of a nature to appeal to the kiddies, whose party this is to be. Then there will be a tree, snowclad and strung with gleaming lights, under which Kris Kringle will sit while he greets his young visitors. It is to be a children’s party, for the benefit and entertainment of the little ones. When the party is over and Santa Claus has gone, the spacious club house auditorium will be turned over to the children for a playground until Sandman Time.

IT’S A SIGN A woman and two men on a large letter ‘H’ that stood on Fitch Mountain, c. 1940.

75 years ago
Dec. 17, 1948

Fitch Mountain Constable Appointment Slated Soon

The Fitch Mountain area has been without a constable since the resignation of Leo Honsa last spring, according to informed sources in the area. Numerous complaints have been heard from residents living in the area east of Healdsburg inquiring about the delay in making an appointment. Joseph Cox, County Supervisor of the area, stated an appointment to the post should materialize within the next few weeks.

50 years ago
Dec. 13, 1973

Hearing to discuss sale of Felta School

Persons interested in the future of Felta School are welcome to attend a public hearing of West Side School District trustees next Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 8 p.m. in the West Side School. An individual is interested in leasing or buying the property, school officials said, and proposes to use the building as a residence, and possibly later as a nursery or pre-school. It was reported that no plans are contemplated to change the building’s appearance, considered nostalgic, and a possible historical landmark.

The Head Start Program has also expressed an interest in using the former elementary school building. West Side trustees want to hear the views of parents and the West Side community concerning use of the property.

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