Police cars behind Healdsburg station
POLICE FLEET Vehicles of the Healdsburg Police Department parked behind their headquarters at 238 Center Street.

Monday, Nov. 27

1:15pm Threats occurred at Safeway on Vine Street. The Reporting Party (RP) stated they had been threatened with a rock by a man who had been drinking. Officers responded and arrested a 54-year-old (YO) man for criminal threats and violating parole. While en route to county jail, the man beat his head on the window of the patrol car, causing injury and bleeding. He was brought to Sutter Hospital for clearance and then to county jail.

9:23pm The RP, an employee at McDonald’s on Healdsburg Avenue, stated a woman yelled obscenities at the RP and refused to leave. Officers responded, and the woman moved along.

Tuesday, Nov. 28

2:25am An officer contacted a 26-YO woman in the Park and Ride on Healdsburg Avenue in her parked and running vehicle. The woman was arrested and transported to county jail for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

Wednesday, Nov. 29 

6:13pm The RP indicated he was grabbed by a subject at a residence on Front Street. An officer provided advice for the RP to use if he saw the subject again.

9:33pm As the RP was leaving Motion Fitness on West North Street, a man jumped onto his car, kicked the door and tried to get at the RP. The RP sped away in his car. The RP drove to the police department and spoke with officers. Officers contacted the man, who was associated with a gold BMW, at his residence. The 18-YO man was arrested and taken to county jail for vandalism.

10:36pm The RP on Foss Creek Circle indicated his girlfriend returned home very drunk and belligerent and hit him on the head with her fists. Officers responded. An emergency protective order was requested, granted and served. A 33-YO woman was arrested and transported to county jail for domestic battery.

Thursday Nov. 30

7:44pm The RP stated she heard people yelling and saw a bonfire in the river frontage area north of the railroad bridge. Officers responded, but the people were gone on arrival and unable to be located.

Friday, Dec 1

1:07am A vehicle was stopped for speeding on Redwood Highway. A 57-YO man was arrested and transported to county jail for unlawful possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and on an outstanding Sonoma County warrant regarding joyriding and driving under the influence of drugs.

8:15am Petty theft occurred at The Parish Cafe on Mill Street. Surveillance video showed that at 12:28am a transient, using a bike with a cart, stole a wooden door valued at $500 that covered the garbage cans. A responding officer took a report. The suspect was identified.

9:44am A vehicle was vandalized on Spur Ridge Lane. The RP discovered a large scratch on the passenger side door. The RP wanted the vandalism logged and was provided an incident number.

12:01pm Fraud occurred at Bank of America on Healdsburg Avenue. The RP stated there was an unauthorized transfer on Nov. 30, 2023 of $49,500 from her Bank of America account to another account. The responding officer took a report.

4:01pm The RP stated he put down a $1,000 deposit for an apartment on Fitch Street prior to seeing the location. The RP later went to the location and found out he was defrauded and that he did not pay the deposit to the true owner. The RP wanted guidance and the responding officer took a report.

6:19pm A disturbance of the peace was reported at Plaza Park on Healdsburg Avenue. Officers responded and took a report regarding mutual combat between individuals.

6:26pm A violation of a court order occurred on Sanns Lane. The RP went to the police department to report a violation of court-ordered custody and visitation. Officers responded and answered questions.

6:54pm A hit-and-run accident occurred on University Avenue. The RP stated that another vehicle backed into his car and left. Officers responded.

10:14pm The RP indicated a disturbance of the peace occurred on First Street. A woman was yelling. An officer responded, but the woman was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

Saturday, Dec. 2 

12:45pm. An accident with property damage only occurred at Taqueria Guadalajara on Healdsburg Avenue. RP stated he was in a collision yesterday at 1600 hours with an undocumented driver and now cannot get his vehicle to operate properly.

3:01pm An accident with property damage only occurred at Mason and University Streets. Two vehicles were pulled over, not blocking the roadway. RP requested LE. Units responded; report taken.

Sunday, Dec. 3

12:57am A manager at McDonald’s on Healdsburg Avenue reported that a male and a female transient were harassing customers in the drive-thru. Customers complained when they picked up their food. The two transients approached vehicles, argued with each other and with customers, and were at the menu where customers ordered. Officers responded, but the man and woman were gone on arrival and unable to be located.

2:42am A disturbance occurred at the Hotel Trio on Dry Creek Road. The RP received many complaints that six people in a room were partying, drinking, causing a verbal disturbance, using obscene language and causing thudding sounds that were more obnoxious than a physical altercation. Officers responded and contacted the RP and the guests. The guests were advised of the complaints.

11:26am A backpack blower (valued at $350) and a string trimmer (valued at $200) were stolen out of the RP’s work truck on Rosewood Drive on Dec. 2, 2023. An officer responded and took a report.

3:07pm An officer stopped a vehicle for driving without proof of valid registration. A 36-YO man was cited for violation of probation.

Compiled by Carolyn Brenner

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