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Kudos to the City of Healdsburg! The City of Healdsburg sure knows how to appreciate its seniors! We felt so very honored to participate in the glorious Christmas Dinner you so generously gave us at the Villa. Thank you, thank you! It was wonderful! 

Being escorted to the front door on a Red Carpet, while valets parked our cars, was the first clue that it was to be a very special and well planned event. Then you presented us with drinks and appetizers in the Fireside Room, before an absolutely delicious meal of turkey, ham and all of the fixings, in the festively decorated East Room. 

This space soon was a-humming with happy voices and laughter, as numbers were called and many of us won lovely prizes, donated by local “Santa” businesses. All the while, the many volunteers smiled, served and pampered us through and through. How delightful!

A joyful time was had by all, and we will sing your praises for making us feel cared for and special. Your thoughtfulness and love gave us a rosy glow that we will gladly carry with us all through this holiday season! Merry Christmas to you all!

Carol Novak

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