POLICE FLEET Police cars cleaned, fueled and ready to patrol at Healdsburg Police Department on Center Street. (Photo by Christian Kallen)

Monday, April 24

3:59pm. Weapon violation occurred at Healdsburg Junior High School on Grant St. Student brought pocket knife to school and flashed it at victim. School notified mother of victim, who has handled the discipline in house. 

5:12pm. Grand Theft occurred at Healdsburg Glen Apartments on Grove St. Reporting Party (RP)  came to the PD lobby to report her catalytic converter was stolen from her vehicle parked at 1201 Grove St.

8:07pm. Vehicle Tampering on W. Grant St. Daughter of RP noticed that her catalytic converter was stolen overnight. Vehicle was parked in the apartment parking lot. There are cameras, but RP has not talked to the manager. 

Tuesday, April 25

5:46am. Disturbance occurred at Powell Avenue Laundry. RP called to report her ex boyfriend is yelling at her from his car and followed her from Petaluma. He returned and approached the RP about relationship issues. 

7:42am. Domestic incident reported on North St. RP called stating his ex girlfriend was trying to kick him out of the house and was screaming and yelling at him. RP requested assistance. An arrest was made for domestic battery and probation violation. 

11:19am. Unwanted Subject at Rotten Robbies on Healdsburg Ave. Individual barricaded herself in bathroom after being asked to leave several times by staff. Officers responded, trespass letter to follow from Rotten Robbies. 

12:35pm. Graffiti at Piper St./Healdsburg Ave. Swastika on the crosswalk button. Officer responded, report taken. 

12:35pm. Vehicle Tampering on W. Grant St. RP in lobby to report his catalytic converter was stolen from his parked vehicle. 

4:41pm. Harassment reported on Maxwell St. (Spanish Speaker, through translation.) Woman keeps calling RP and his wife and insulting his wife. RP stated the female has called him every day, multiple times a day for the last 3 days. RP would like the female contacted and advised not to contact him or his wife any further. 

4:57pm. Reckless Driver at Plaza Park. Blue Harley Davidson drove on sidewalk between 331 Healdsburg Ave. and the Healdsburg Hotel. Was circling the Plaza at least 3 times and then “flew” down sidewalk at approximately 20-25 MPH. Description, partial helmet, Levis, short sleeve/tank top. Officer responded to the area and located a possible match; however, the driver was not on the motorcycle. 

7:14pm. Violation of Court Order occurred on Fieldcrest Dr. RP calling to report a verbal argument taking place at her neighbor’s house. RP stated she could hear them arguing and she is concerned about the female. Officers responded. A 29-year-old male was arrested and transported to CJ for violation of restraining order and probation. 

8:19pm. Incident at McDonalds on Adeline Wy./Exchange Ave. Multiple callers reporting a female driver sitting in the intersection with her blinker on, not moving out of the way of other vehicles. Second caller stated that the female subject was out of the vehicle yelling and screaming. Officer responded, subject was having car issues. 

Wednesday, April 26

10:15am. Graffiti at W. Grant St./Grove St. RP states there is graffiti at the bus stop near the 4-way stop. It is red and blue gang graffiti, and some of it is crossed out. Officer responded, report taken. 

12:17pm. Disturbance at Safeway on Vine St. A vehicle was circling around and the female driver was harassing people. The suspect almost hit another vehicle. Solo female driver, but there may be someone in the back seat. Vehicle description: old Ford hatchback, and all the windows are broken. 

12:20pm. Reckless Driver at CVS Pharmacy on Center St. RP states there is a vehicle that ran a red light and he believes the driver to be on drugs. Officer responded, unable to locate. 

1:39pm. Fraud occurred on Westside Rd. RP states someone intercepted a check for $30,741 and cashed it. RP was advised to contact Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO).  

1:46pm. Disturbance occurred on North St. RP is laying down cable and states he is being harassed by a male adult who is recording him, flipping him off and not backing off. Described as 50 year old, gray hair, glasses and wearing all blue like a nurse. RP states man is upset that they are working in front of his house. The man has now left in his vehicle. 

1:51pm. Annoying/Harassing Phone Calls. RP states a person texting her is stating he has explicit photos of her, but the RP states there are no explicit photos of her. He is telling her that she needs to pay $2K, calling her bad names and saying she is a prostitute. RP was previously and similarly harassed by a 2nd phone number. Officer responded and spoke with the RP, advice given. 

4pm. Disturbance at apartments on East St. RP states he hears 5-6 voices, both male and female, in a verbal confrontation. RP states it is escalating and it is unknown if it is physical. RP just heard a very loud noise that sounded like a door slam or something being thrown on the ground. Officers responded. Nothing seen or heard. 

6:26pm. Accident occurred on Reed Ct. RP states 3 vehicles involved, 3rd vehicle a parked car. Negative airbags deployed, not blocking traffic and negative debris. RP states all parties are exchanging info and still would like an officer to respond. 

Thursday, April 27

3:01am. Officer initiated activity at Alexander Valley Ln./Hwy 128 and W. Sausal Ln., Geyserville. A 31-year-old female was arrested and transported directly to county jail for a Sonoma County Warrant on Grand Theft charges. A 61-year-old male was cited and released on misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia. 

8:40am. Warrant Service at Rite Aid drugstore on Healdsburg Ave. RP states she has advised the occupant of a vehicle to leave, but a male yelled at her. A 34-year-old male was arrested and transported to county jail on an Orange Co. warrant for 2nd degree burglary. 

9:09am. Parole Violation at Victory Apartments on East St. RP states his parolee did not register, and he violated parole by going to HHS on the 24th. The parolee was arrested. Officer provided a courtesy ride to county jail.

10:37am. Embezzlement reported at Sonoma Classic Motorcars on Mill St. The RP’s vehicle was on consignment (being sold for the RP) for almost 4 years. One year ago, the showroom closed down and the RP tried to get his car back. Owner said he wasn’t in the country and did not have access to it, then said he found a buyer. RP did not know if he actually had a buyer. Last contact with owner was via email 3 weeks ago; the RP was inquiring about the payment for the supposed buyer. RP does not know whether he wants to make a citizen’s arrest for embezzlement or go through insurance for theft. 

12:33pm. Property Damage accident occurred at Healdsburg District Hospital Outpatient Therapies on Healdsburg Ave. RP states a vehicle collided into the trash can. Driver and passenger were not injured and the wheel can’t move. 

2:10pm. Warrant Service on Reed Ct. A 38-year-old female was cited for two warrants pertaining to driving under the influence.

4:56pm. Accident occurred at northbound onramp at Redwood Hwy./Old Redwood Hwy. RP states 2-car collision, airbags deployed and all occupants are out of their vehicles. Both vehicles towed and all occupants transported to the hospital. 

9:49pm. Drunk Driver at W. Matheson St./Vine St. and Matheson St. Traffic stop for headlamp violation, driver arrested for driving under the influence and an alcohol level above .08%.  A 53-year-old male was arrested and transported to county jail. Vehicle towed. 

Friday, April 28

12:49pm. Warrant Service at Healdsburg Police Department on Center St. A 24-year old-male came to the Police Department for self-surrender, cited on a misdemeanor warrant for driving with a suspended license.

2:45pm. Petty Theft at Safeway on Vine St. Between 9-9:30am, a woman who drives a BMW went shopping and left the sunroof open. Now noticed her side wallet (khaki/yellow with geometric design) was stolen. Contained $1, credit cards, CDL and Social Security card. RP is requesting to be called if found. 

5:19am. Vandalism occurred on Fuchsia Wy. RP states that the tow company damaged his vehicle during the tow of his vehicle. RP says when he drives his whole car shakes badly. The RP was advised he needed to follow up with the tow company and his insurance. 

Saturday, April 29

9:23am. Reckless Driver reported on University St./North St. RP states there is rebar sticking out to the side of the vehicle (3 feet on each side) driving northbound on University. The truck is taking up two lanes. Vehicle is a white lifted truck, flat camper shell, maybe a small Toyota Tacoma. Officer responded, unable to locate.

2:59pm. Alcohol Violation at Badger Dog Park on Heron Dr. There are 10 people drinking openly at the park. Described as young adults, under the drinking age, RP stated at least one appeared 18 years old. They are associated with a white truck. Officers responded, the subject put the alcohol back in his truck.

Sunday, April 30

10:31am. Drug activity at Villa Chanticleer. Police contacted a juvenile who was cited for possession of marijuana and released to a parent. 

5:01pm. Hit and Run Accident at Matheson St./Fitch St. RP saw a car hit a parked car and then drive off.
Suspect vehicle described as a red Nissan; the driver a male in his 30s with a female in passenger seat. Victim vehicle a dark color van, similar to Sprinter. A second advised she witnessed the same. Officers located the victim vehicle and attempted to contact the victim. Update: Suspect called in response to officers leaving a card at his residence. He advised that he hit the car, waited 30 minutes and since no one showed up he left for an appointment. 

7:55pm. Disturbance occurred at Healdsburg Junior High School on Grant St. Report of 5-6 male juveniles fighting on the field of the junior high. RP states that they started yelling at her and telling her to leave. No weapons, drugs or alcohol seen. Officers responded. Gone On Arrival/Unable to Locate.

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