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September 25, 2022

Healdsburg Recognizes Hispanic Heritage

Proclamation of Latin American Heritage Month brings it home

Healdsburg Mayor Osvaldo “Ozzy” Jimenez introduced a proclamation at the Sept. 6 city council meeting, declaring the period from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 as Latin American Heritage Month, in keeping with a national movement to “recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success.”

Reading the proclamation from the dais, the mayor listed the eight North and South American countries that celebrate their independence in the three days between Sept. 15 and Sept. 18, as well as the long list of Latin American countries that have contributed their immigrant families to the American story.

Jiminez also cited some telling statistics: that whereas Healdsburg’s population is 31% Hispanic or Latino, the enrolled population of the Healdsburg Unified School District is more than twice that—65.4% Hispanic or Latino.

The proclamation continued, “…despite the active participation of Latin Americans in the neighborhoods, schools, economic sectors and political leadership of Healdsburg, Latin Americans remain underrepresented and underserved in our community…”

It was presented to Herman G. Hernandez, the CEO of Los Cien; he succeeded his father and founder of the organization, Herman J. Hernandez, last year. 

In acknowledging the recognition, Hernandez said, “I just want to echo the words of the mayor to our community… It’s not just for our Hispanic and our Latino community members who live here, but it’s for all of our heritage and celebration… to understand the important contributions of our Latin X community, that they’ve made not just to Sonoma County, but to California and this great nation.”

Hernandez encouraged everyone to attend Los Cien’s annual State of the Latino Community Address on Sept. 29 at Sonoma State University, and emphasized that Los Cien has open membership, not just for members of the Latino community. (See Loscien.org for further details.) 

In Santa Rosa, Luther Burbank Center will host the 13th annual Fiesta de Independencia on Sunday, Sept. 18 at Luther Burbank Center, from 1 to 7pm. The city of Sonoma holds a Mexican Independence Day celebration in their Plaza, on Friday Sept. 16. No similar plans have been announced for Healdsburg to date.