Editor: This is a letter of thanks to two beautiful young ladies
and their unprecedented kindness to a stranger.
As I left the Senior Center late afternoon, Wednesday, July 26,
the temperature was hovering close to 100 degrees.
I backed my car out and it was apparent something was wrong. I
had a very flat front left tire. Because I have neither the
physical ability nor the know-how to change a tire, and a very
recent unsatisfactory experience with calling local service, I
decided to get back in my car and drive to Big O. I knew it would
ruin my tire but it was too hot to be rational.
Two unusually attractive young women were passing at the moment
and said, ³Don¹t drive on that tire. We can change it for you.²
What followed was unbelievable. Their knowledge and mechanical
ability absolutely amazed me. They had the spare out of the trunk
and the car jacked up to just the right amount of torque, the plate
popped off the lug nuts and were removing them, when a middle-aged
man in a pick up truck stopped to give some manly advice. He did
not offer to get out and help. They continued with their work like
a fine tuned synchronized team. Shortly a young man appeared on the
scene. He requested that they move the tire, which was now off and
lying on the pavement, so he could back his dusty, unwashed car
out. We all pointed out that he had plenty of room by turning his
steering wheel to the extreme right. He stood their whining that it
was too hard to turn his steering wheel in that direction. He had
to be able to turn it only to the left.
When the tire was changed my benefactors absolutely refused any
type of compensation and even supplied their own Handi-Wipes.
Giving me a big hug and smile ‹ Teresa Mengali, (the brunette), and
Sarah Lewers, (the blonde) sent me on my way. Did I mention that
Sarah did the job in a fetching black sheath and high heels?
Lucie Jensen, Healdsburg

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