Count the signs
Editor: I usually enjoy Frank Robertson’s Commentary, but on Aug. 28 (“Say ahhhh”) I think he was way out of line in taking such a negative and sarcastic view of the Palm Drive Health Care Foundation’s proposal to re-open the hospital. Has he even read it? I have, and I find it a thoughtful, well-researched and forward-looking document. It envisions a new hospital model, based on services truly wanted and needed by the community, such as emergency services and stroke care.
Many of the old problems have been recognized and will be solved by creating a 21st century hospital, Sonoma West Medical Center, utilizing technology that is today required for any functioning medical facility. The proposal also envisions various outpatient services geared especially to our aging population and a vastly improved billing and collection system. Furthermore, several eminent specialists are eager to work to make the hospital a destination for certain procedures.
I further suggest that Mr. Robertson count the number of signs in yards all over the West County saying “open our hospital.” I think that this is what the majority of residents truly wants.
Lynn Fitzwater
Work with Foundation
Editor: I’ve read through the Palm Drive Healthcare Foundation’s proposal (as it now stands), and while I agree that there are questions that remain unanswered, I urge the District Board to do everything possible to work with the Foundation to implement it. The proposal has come a long way from the foundation’s initial proposal, and shows their willingness to respond to the criticisms made to that proposal.
More important, it is vital to at least attempt to reopen the hospital’s emergency room and services ancillary to that, and the proposal suggests the additional units which might create a financially viable hospital.
Yes, I said “might,” but if the Board is looking for guarantees, then we can all just go home and wait for the ambulance to come. We have to try to reopen the hospital, with all its attendant risks. If the final Foundation proposal has a chance to work, it should be given the chance.
Aamil Rick Targow
Sidewalks for pedestrians
Editor: I’ve frequently walked on Main Street for years, looking at stores, shopping, and watching people enjoying themselves. But lately I’ve noticed that teenage boys have a habit of bicycling and skateboarding on the streets downtown, in flagrant violation of the policy repeatedly printed on the sidewalks that prohibits riding bikes and skateboarding on the sidewalk. This activity has increased to the point where I feel more and more vulnerable while walking in the area. To parents reading this, I wonder if you know where your kids are when they’re out riding and skating around. I would appreciate it if you’d ask them, instead of assuming that they are not potentially interfering with pedestrian traffic or possibly hurting someone in the future.
Sandy Tate

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