Quality of life?
Editor: Mr. Neid isn’t fooling anyone with the euphemisms he uses in his “Letter to Town Council” (4/16/15 Letters to the Editor.) He uses code words like “social changes” and “community image” to mask what he really thinks, which is that he’d like the Windsor Town Council to erect signs at the Town limits that read “No poor people, minorities, or their dogs allowed.” Barring that, he wants the town council to put certain restrictions in place to minimize the impact of the undesirables in his midst. Why are the Neids so upset about an influx of people who are not property owners and/or are of a different ethnicity? Are they truly concerned about quality of life and property values, or is it really just bigotry? I think the only threat to the quality of life in Windsor is the fact that people like the Neids live there.
Chris Wenmoth
Santa Rosa

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