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April 1, 2023

Letters to the Editor: April 26, 2021

Chavez is the best candidate for Windsor
Editor: I have been privileged to witness, and at times be a part of, the successful trajectory that Mr. Oscar Chavez, has forged since he moved to Sonoma County. In a relatively brief amount of time, he has demonstrated a firm grasp of grassroots issues through the lens of Community Action Partnership and a deep understanding of the workings of county government from his position in Sonoma County Human Services Department.
As guest speaker at Sonoma State University, he has demonstrated a scholarly understanding of policy regarding the building blocks of a successful community. The wide scope of his understanding of social issues is reflected in the high caliber of speakers he has brought to the yearly State of the Latino Community meetings of Los Cien.
All of these rich experiences he has brought to the Windsor School Board and many other Town activities. Mr. Chavez is a dedicated, tireless worker, committed to quality results, and empathetic with the feelings of people at all levels of society. He is not just “a good man,” he is a wise human being. Especially in these difficult times, he is undoubtedly the kind of candidate the Windsor Town Council needs. He deserves our vote. 
Francisco H. Vázquez, Ph.D.
Windsor, California
Windsor Downtown Merchants Association endorses Chavez
Editor: The Windsor Downtown Merchants Association, by action of the Board of Directors on April 20, 2021, endorses Oscar Chavez for the position of Windsor Town Council Member in the May 4 Special Election.
“We recommend Oscar Chavez to Windsor voters who want to help our downtown thrive,” said Laurie Shimizu, the Association’s President and co-owner of Mark Shimizu Design. “Small merchants are the essence of this area, and we need elected officials who understand how to support us.”
The board interviewed four of the five candidates for the position:  Mr. Chavez, Jeffrey Leasure, Julia Donoho and Rosa Reynoza. Cody Wilson did not participate. In making the endorsement, the board compared the candidates’ understanding of the issues most important to the small merchants who make up the majority of our membership. These included: understanding of the economic importance of small business to the town; understanding of the support needed from the town in helping to develop business in the area; support for fiscally responsible development of the downtown area including much-needed new town facilities as represented in the Civic Center Plan; and a record of enthusiasm for environmentally progressive projects such as the SMART train coming to Windsor and the continued development of future measures affecting the environment.
The board recognizes that issues of trust that are at the forefront of town concern. The board discussed their concern that the candidates’ claimed qualifications should be solid, verifiable and where possible, matters of public record. We found Mr. Chavez to fit these criteria. We urge Windsor voters to support the downtown businesses with a vote for Oscar Chavez.
The Windsor Downtown Merchants Association
Why I voted for Rosa Reynoza
Editor: Rosa cares about the issues that are important to the people of Windsor. As a council member she will bring her professional finance experience and community volunteer efforts to help create a budget for residents and businesses of Windsor.
Her voice on our town council will assure that Windsor remains a charming family friendly town. Rosa is ready to hit the ground running on day one. Rosa is the only candidate who can publicly state, she has continually attended and participated in town council meetings for the last six years. Rosa knows and is familiar with the current town budget. Rosa volunteers and sits on the boards for: Sonoma County Area Agency on Aging (Chair for the housing committee and executive council), Sonoma County Health Action member, Reach for Home (Board Member), Windsor Service Alliance (volunteer), to name just a few.
We need Rosa as out next council member. Rosa will fight for our community-owned properties to stay community-owned. Rosa is honest, open, transparent and listens to you. My vote has already been cast for Rosa. Will yours? If you have not already returned your ballot, then vote for Rosa and let’s move forward with a new voice on the town council.
Mary Ann Bainbridge-Krause
Windsor needs Rosa Reynoza
Editor: Right now, Windsor needs Rosa Reynoza on the town council. She is honest, open, transparent, knowledgeable and the only candidate that has been attending and participating in the council meetings for the last six years. She is not part of the secretive old guard council. 
She is not taking campaign donations from PAC’s, political parties, unions, builders and/or developers, so she is not beholden to any of them. She is beholden to the Windsor residents and businesses, because that is who she is going to represent.
This is the most important Windsor election to date, so if you have not already returned your ballot, please mark Rosa Reynoza and mail or drop your ballot off today. Windsor is counting on you to take us in the right direction.
Betsy Mallace
Off-leash hours needed
Editor: I am a supporter of off leash days and times for well-behaved dogs in our local parks.
Throughout my time as a dog owner my dogs have been well-trained and well-behaved. The very best thing I can do for my dog is to allow him/her to play with others of their same species. Free run and free play with other friendly dogs cannot be replaced with any amount of walking and singular stick/frisbee/stick throwing.
Dogs need to have free play time.
Promoting certain days and times in our local Windsor parks for off-leash, well-behaved dog play is not only good for dogs and their humans alike; it is a very financially-efficient venue for the town of Windsor. No costs are involved with creating and maintaining a “dog park.” We have always provided our own water and toys for our dogs, and police ourselves with correct behaviors and dog hygiene (picking-up poop). Please allow us to come out of the shadows and allow our dogs to play free legally.
Olivia Boyd


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