EDITOR: CVS ‹ For those who do not know what that means, it is
Community Volunteers Service for the police departments here in
Sonoma County, and it is a great honor to work with our police
Some of us can do some of the things that the police can do, and
others work in offices, relieving them of so much work that needs
to be done.
We were honored at the Police Academy on Sept. 10, and we
witnessed many of the things that they do daily, for instance, we
saw the canine dogs and handlers, very impressive, the fire truck
and all of its equipment, the SWAT team and they displayed the
things they have to do to help us all. We also witnessed a high
risk car stop and saw and heard what was necessary to save the
lives of the policemen, as well as the driver or passengers.
The CHP helicopter came from Napa. I was fortunate enough to sit
in the pilots seat, a big thrill, and they talked to us about the
things that they do when they are called out to save lives.
I am sorry that the public did not see the many volunteers and
police who were there. It is something that I will never forget,
and I am very proud to wear the uniform of our Department here in
– Edie Avery, Sebastopol

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