POLICE FLEET Police cars cleaned, fueled and ready to patrol at Healdsburg Police Department on Center Street. (Photo by Christian Kallen)

Monday, Feb. 19

8:18am A burglary to a vehicle occurred on Healdsburg Avenue. A credit card and an ID were missing.

11:48am A vehicle with unlawful window tinting was stopped on West Matheson Street at Vine Avenue. A 43-year-old (YO) man was cited and released for violating probation and driving with a suspended license.

1:43pm A 39-YO man was stopped for a probation check near Dollar Tree on Vine Street. He was cited and released for violating probation, and on an outstanding Sonoma County warrant regarding public intoxication and polluting near a state waterway.

2:27pm A 55-YO man near Great Clips on Vine Street approached officers. The man was arrested and transported to county jail for public intoxication and violating probation.

3:42pm A 48-YO man on Philip Drive was served outstanding warrants regarding shoplifting, violating probation and receiving stolen property.

3:48pm The Reporting Party (RP) indicated that three aggressive individuals at The Elephant In The Room on Healdsburg Avenue left on foot towards Wells Fargo. No weapons or drugs were seen. Officers responded, but the people were unable to be located and were gone on arrival.

Tuesday, Feb. 20

9:57am A 62-YO man on Front Street at Healdsburg Avenue was arrested and transported to county jail on an outstanding Sonoma County warrant regarding criminal threats.

2:22pm The RP stated she tried to sell her truck on Craigslist. She paid the required $5 fee and provided the vehicle identification number (VIN) to Craigslist. Shortly thereafter, she claimed three fraudulent charges totaling $436 were made to her credit card. The RP was afraid that someone may illegally change the registration on her vehicle and report the car as stolen. The RP requested that the information be documented with the Healdsburg Police Department, and she followed up with the DMV.

7:35pm An officer stopped a 43-YO man for violating bicycle-light rules near Lola’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. He was cited and released for carrying a concealed dirk or dagger.

11:47pm The RP saw an aggressive man yelling in front of the office at Dry Creek Inn on Dry Creek Road. Officers responded and spoke with the subject about his yelling.

Wednesday, Feb. 21

8:30am Graffiti reported on March Avenue.

11:04am Graffiti reported on Grant Street at the railroad tracks, on the Seghesio shed and on a chain-link fence.

2:22pm Drug activity was reported near Starbucks Coffee on Vine Street. The RP stated that two men approached a truck and took a baggy filled with what the RP believed were drugs. Then the men smoked out of what the RP believed to be a crack pipe. The two men were with a woman smoking out of the pipe as well. At 2:54pm, a vehicle that matched the description of the truck was stopped on Kinley Drive at Magnolia Drive. The woman in the vehicle was transported to Healdsburg General Hospital. A 46-YO man was cited and released for lack of required insurance and driving without a license.

3:44pm A hit-and-run accident occurred in the parking lot of Healdsburg Elementary School on First Street. The RP witnessed what happened and had a picture of the suspect vehicle. Officers responded and took a report.

5:00pm A burglary occurred on Chalk Hill Road. The RP’s matter was transferred to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

6:16pm A disturbance occurred at L&M Motel on Healdsburg Avenue. A man was driving by honking and yelling, perhaps with the aim of getting his girlfriend evicted. The vehicle left, and the RP was asked to call back if the vehicle returned.

6:18pm The RP indicated that the tenant of a property the RP manages complained that a man was at The Raven Film Center on Center Street, shouting. Officers responded, but the man was gone on arrival and unable to be located. Dispatch called the tenant, because the tenant, not the RP, saw the man.

9:09pm An unlicensed driver was cited on March Avenue at University Street.

9:26pm A vehicle was stopped for violating tail-light rules on Healdsburg Avenue at Parkland Farms Boulevard. A 47-YO man was cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia and violating probation. A second man, 46, was cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia.

10:31pm A 57-YO man was cited on Healdsburg Avenue at Marigold Drive on an outstanding Sonoma County warrant regarding possession of a switchblade, trespassing and violating the open-container law.

Thursday, Feb. 22

8:46am Graffiti was reported on Grant Street at the railroad tracks.

2:50pm A 52-YO woman was cited and released in the West Plaza parking lot on an outstanding Sonoma County warrant regarding public intoxication.

4:10pm The RP indicated her boyfriend threatened her with a knife on West North Street. She wanted him to leave her residence. Officers arrested the 40-YO man and brought him to county jail for brandishing a weapon.

Friday, Feb. 23

1:03am Officers contacted a 25-YO man on Healdsburg Avenue at Ferrero Drive. He was arrested and brought to county jail on outstanding Sonoma County warrants regarding trespass, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

9:35am The RP stated her child’s father was abusive, manipulative and narcissistic. He hit her on the previous day, causing visible injuries. Officers responded, and an emergency protective order was granted. The vehicle of the 36-YO man was entered into the Flock license plate reader system. Later, the vehicle was located by Flock, and the driver was arrested and transported to county jail for domestic violence.

12:07pm An officer provided resources to a person camping and sleeping under blankets at the Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society on Matheson Street.

2:50pm An officer contacted two people trespassing on Syar property. A 28-YO man was cited and released for trespassing, polluting near a waterway and violating probation. A 24-YO man was arrested and transported to county jail for trespass, polluting near a waterway and on outstanding Sonoma County warrants regarding possession of drug paraphernalia.

6:53pm Mail tampering occurred on Lincoln Street. Three packages arrived at the RP’s house. The RP believed they all belonged to her and began opening them. When she saw electronics in one of the packages, she realized that particular package was addressed to a different person but had her address on the package. The RP did not know the person on the label. Later in the day, a woman came to the RP’s door and stated that her husband accidentally sent the package to the RP’s address by mistake. The RP gave the package to the woman. The RP was advised by dispatch to contact the postal service regarding the incident. The incident was documented.

8:51pm The RP and her husband heard their car alarm go off, and the husband went outside and found his car door open. Nothing was taken from inside the vehicle, but the front license plate was missing. A report was taken.

10:14pm The RP stated a man made threatening statements to fight people in the parking lot of Rotten Robbie’s on Healdsburg Avenue. Officers arrived at the scene and contacted the people involved. No further assistance was required.

Saturday, Feb. 24

8:44am The RP stated there was a transient person with a dog on West Grant Street sleeping on his property. The RP wanted the person to move along, but the RP was not willing to press charges. An officer responded and advised the person to move along.

7:28pm Drunk driving occurred on Redwood Highway at Westside Road. The RP stated that a vehicle was swerving all over the road. Officers checked the area, but the vehicle was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

Sunday, Feb. 25

12:34pm Vandalism occurred on West Grant Street. The RP’s neighbor dumped raw mushrooms on the RP’s doorstep and took an antique glass from the porch and broke it. The neighbor then put the shattered glass in the water bowl of the RP’s cat. Next the neighbor put a shopping cart near the RP’s car and smeared a green sticky substance over the windshield. Later, the RP stated the neighbor sprayed a substance on the windshield again and leaned a mop against the car. The RP also believed the antenna of her car was bent. An officer responded and took a report. Several hours later, the RP returned home to find a green liquid substance on her front door that she believed was put there by the neighbor while the RP was gone.

Compiled by Carolyn Brenner

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