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March 31, 2023

Police Log Feb. 8-16

Wednesday, Feb. 8

11:33am. Vandalism was reported at Amerigas Propane on Kinley Drive when a front window at the facility was broken. It was unknown at the time of the report if anyone had entered the building or if anything was missing.

2:51pm.  A woman reported to the Police Station that her son was being harassed and threatened by older children at St. John’s School, including sending the boy a photo of them waiting for him after school to harm him. The police asked for the photo so they could identify the boys.

Thursday, Feb. 9

12:59am. Healdsburg District Hospital security reported that a highly medicated patient who had been told to wait for a ride was seen driving on University Street then turning westbound on Monte Vista. 

10:54am. An employee of St. John’s Church asked for help escorting off the property an unwanted guest who had been frightening people at mass. The man was described as seated in a back pew with all his belongings; on previous occasions he had urinated in potted plants. When contacted by police the man was hostile but left the premises.

1:12pm. An employee of Wicked Slush reported a trespasser had erected a tent and large encampment behind the business. 

5:10pm. A resident of Healdsburg River View Estates on Kennedy Ln. reported that his GenZe E-Bike was stolen on Feb. 7 between 4-6pm from his home. No serial number or photos were available, but the reporting party will check his neighbor’s surveillance system.

Friday, Feb. 10

1:52pm. It was reported that at about 4am on Orangewood Dr., someone stole a wheelbarrow from the front yard. The suspect was described a Hispanic adult male of “stalky build,” associated with a white truck. 

4:21pm. The party from St. John’s Church reported a man was sleeping in the back of the church, possibly the same man reported there earlier. Reporting party is concerned he will “destroy something.” The subject, a tall white male, was contacted by police and left the area, but the church was provided with a trespass letter, which would give permission to the Police Department to enforce future trespass violations.

4:49pm. A male and a female were reported in a physical altercation at Wicked Slush with the man striking the woman. They parted going in different directions, but a witness provided a description. A 25-year-old woman was arrested on disorderly conduct and transported to county jail. 

6:53pm. Healdsburg Police Dispatch received an inappropriate call; the caller was thought to be known to the department.

Saturday, Feb. 11

8:43pm. Two homeless people were reported sleeping in a truck behind Healdsburg Auto Industries, attempting to hide in the bed of the red truck beneath blankets. The RP (reporting party) did not want to be confrontational and did not want to get close to them. Officers responded, subjects advised to leave the property. 

Sunday, Feb. 12

12:11pm. Officer-initiated activity at Wicked Slush resulted in two arrests. Calvin B. McDonald Jr, 62, was arrested and jailed on a warrant for a weapons offense; Angel Gonzalez Rodriguez, 23, was arrested and cited for 384a(a)(2), destroying plant material growing upon state or county highway rights-of-way.

7:06pm. Two Hispanic adult males were reported to have stolen “a bunch of cough medicine” from Rite Aid drugstore on Healdsburg Ave. They left the scene driving south on Healdsburg Avenue in a white Honda hatchback. 

Monday, Feb. 13

10:28am. A man reported to police that someone had come into his backyard on Tee Ct. the previous day and ripped off his pool sweep from its hose.

10:36am. A nurse from Kaiser called to report a patient said he had been head-butted at Duke’s on Saturday, Feb. 11, by an unknown individual at the bar. 

Tuesday, Feb. 14

12:11am. An employee at 7-Eleven reported someone drove into the lot, exited his vehicle and urinated on the dumpsters. Gerardo Sanchez Tapia was arrested on Mendocino County warrants and transported to county jail, and his vehicle was towed.

2:29pm. Big John’s Market reported that a suspect had stolen a bottle of vodka from the store and put it down his pants, then drove away in a white Audi. He was described as a Hispanic male of about 30, in a blue jacket and black Adidas pants with white stripes. The same suspect reportedly stole three bottles of wine on Feb. 1 worth over $100. Officers located the vehicle in the parking lot of Safeway and arrested Isidro Barajas, 27, who was cited for shoplifting, marijuana possession and probation violations.

8:15pm. A man described as a disgruntled employee who may have been on drugs was arrested at Spoonbar following an altercation with a manager. Joel Alvarez Rivera, 32, was arrested for public intoxication and taken to county jail.

Wednesday, Feb. 15

1:50pm. A man called Healdsburg High to state there had been a shooting in the school cafeteria with three students shot. The man was said to have a heavy Middle Eastern accent, which made him difficult to understand. Officers arrived in one minute and determined it to be a hoax, and nothing at the school was amiss. Several similar hoax calls were reported that day elsewhere in the county.

3:50pm. Fraud was reported at Bank of America on Healdsburg Ave. by a security official for the bank who advised that their technician removed two skimming devices from the ATMs. 


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