Police cars behind Healdsburg station
POLICE FLEET Vehicles of the Healdsburg Police Department parked behind their headquarters at 238 Center Street.

Monday, Jan. 8

10:05am An officer arrested a 54-year-old (YO) man at Carl’s Jr. on Vine Street on an outstanding Sonoma County warrant regarding vandalism.

11:56am The reporting party (RP) stated her daughter banged on the front door at Fitch Mountain Terrace I on South Fitch Mountain Road, which violated a court order. Officers responded and arrested a 54-YO woman for contempt of court, possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of probation. She was transported to county jail.

7:18pm The RP indicated that three vehicles occupied by people who appeared to be living in their cars were at Rite Aid on Healdsburg Avenue. The RP wanted officers to ask the people to move along. The RP was given advice via telephone.

9:26pm The RP at Rite Aid on Healdsburg Avenue asked an unwanted person in his vehicle to leave numerous times. The RP requested an officer to ask the person to leave. Officers responded, but the RP was no longer on the scene.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

1:14am Officers cited two people at the Healdsburg Library on Piper Street. A 57-YO man was cited for criminal trespassing, possession of a switchblade and having an open container of alcohol. A 54-YO woman was cited for criminal trespass.

3:47pm Petty theft occurred on Fitch Street at Matheson Street. On Jan. 3 the RP left a bag of movies belonging to the Healdsburg Library on the front seat of her unlocked vehicle. Six to eight movies were stolen, but she had no information regarding a suspect. The call was made for information purposes only.

4:26pm A hit-and-run accident occurred the previous week on March Avenue at Healdsburg Avenue. The RP, eight months pregnant, was hit by a white pickup from behind. The RP then hit another vehicle in front of her. The pickup driver left and the RP did not transfer information to the owner of the vehicle she hit due to a language barrier. Officers responded and took a report.

7:15pm Drunk driving was reported on Pheasant Drive. The RP’s friend, after drinking all day, left while intoxicated to get more beer. Officers responded and located the vehicle. The vehicle was stopped for unsafe lane changes, vehicle registration fraud and failure to dim headlights. A 77-YO woman was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), operating a vehicle while on probation, driving with a suspended license for DUI, violating probation and violating ignition interlock device rules. The woman was transported to county jail.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

12:14am An unwanted woman was at Hotel Les Mars on North Street. The RP stated the woman was not allowed to be there and was screaming at the RP. Officers responded and the woman left the hotel.

3:15pm A fight involving three people against two people was reported on Fitch Street at North Street. The subjects appeared to be in their late teens or early 20s. Officers responded, but the subjects were gone on arrival and unable to be located.

Thursday, Jan. 11

12:04am An officer stopped a vehicle going southbound on Redwood Highway at Westside Road. A 29-YO man was cited and released for driving under the influence of drugs and driving with marijuana.

2:41am Officers stopped a vehicle outside the 7-Eleven on Healdsburg Avenue. A 47-YO man and a 45-YO woman were arrested for violating probation. The man was cited for possession of methamphetamine.

10:24am Vandalism to a vehicle occurred on West Grant Street on Jan. 10. The RP stated she saw her neighbor scratch her car and dispose of the item she used into the dumpster. An officer responded and took a report.

12:22pm Reckless driving occurred on Healdsburg Avenue at Grant Street. Officers were on the lookout for a white Malibu driving erratically.

4:02pm Officers stopped a vehicle for driving without proof of registration at Wicked Slush on Healdsburg Avenue. The driver was cited and released for driving without a license.

9:15pm Vandalism to a vehicle occurred on Canyon Run. The RP stated the doors and the rear bumper of his vehicle were scratched between Jan. 10 and Jan. 11. An officer responded and took a report.

Friday, Jan. 12

1:46am A vehicle was stopped on Powell Avenue at University Street for driving without proof of valid registration and driving without using headlights. A 47-YO man was arrested and taken to county jail for DUI, possession of a switchblade and driving with an open container.

8:57am Petty theft of the police flag on the RP’s porch occurred on North Street. The RP believed the theft happened Jan. 11 and asked for extra patrols in the area.

11:53am An officer cited and released a 63-YO man on Healdsburg Avenue on an outstanding warrant regarding criminal threats and resisting arrest.

Saturday, Jan. 13

12:18am Domestic violence was reported on Front Street. The victim was hit in the face with a closed fist, resulting in a bloody nose. Officers responded, and the victim left with his mother. The suspect refused to open the door for officers or answer the phone. Police will try to arrest the suspect for corporal punishment to a spouse or cohabitant and for violating probation.

2:13am A vehicle was stopped on First Street at Piper Street for failing to display license plates. A 23-YO man was cited and released to a responsible party for DUI.

10:11am Petty theft by a 46-YO woman occurred at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. She was arrested and transported to county jail for shoplifting and violating probation.

9:17pm Drunk driving was reported near Bravas Bar de Tapas on Center Street. The RP indicated an SUV crashed into a parked vehicle and drove off. Another RP saw the vehicle hit another parked vehicle. A third RP followed the suspect. Officers responded and arrested a 67-YO man for drunk driving and hit and run. After being checked out at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, the man was transported to county jail.

Sunday, Jan. 14

3:39am A verbal disturbance occurred at Dry Creek Inn on Dry Creek Road. A woman was screaming. A second RP stated she could hear the same woman yelling from Hotel Vinea. Officers responded and advised the woman of the complaint.

7:45am Officers arrested a 42-YO woman at her home on Front Street for a previous incident and transported her to county jail. The incident regarded corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant, resisting arrest and violating probation.

7:46am The RP indicated his apartment on East Street was burglarized by the mother of the RP’s child. The officer spoke to the RP and took a report.

1:02pm Sexual assault was reported at Harmon Guest House on Healdsburg Avenue. The RP sent an email to the police department stating she was raped by her ex-fiance on Nov. 26, 2023. An officer tried to contact the RP via phone, but she did not answer.

3:28pm An officer cited a 39-YO man on Healdsburg Avenue for violating probation and having an open container of alcohol.

3:51pm A hit-and-run accident occurred at Safeway on Vine Street. The RP stated her husband’s car was possibly hit on Jan. 13. An officer spoke with the RP and offered advice.

3:54pm A vehicle was stopped on Healdsburg Avenue at Passalacqua Road for not having a front license plate. A 37-YO man was cited and released for possession of marijuana. A 45-YO woman was arrested and transported to county jail for vehicle registration fraud, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

10:37pm Threats occurred at Healdsburg District Hospital on University Avenue. The RP, an employee, stated a man in the ER was being “verbally abusive” to the staff and others. The subject threatened to “beat up” a staff member. Officers responded and the subject agreed to stay outside until his wife was released from the ER.

Compiled by Carolyn Benner

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