Bike accident
CRIME SCENE A bicycle is marked where it fell as a result of a vehicle-bicycle collision in Healdsburg on June 22, as posted by the Police Department on social media.

Monday, June 17

2:18pm A vehicle was stopped on Lytton Springs Road at Healdsburg Avenue for violating tail-light rules. A 32-Year-Old (YO) man was cited and released for driving with a license suspended for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), violating probation, lacking proof of insurance and on outstanding Sonoma County warrants regarding driving with a license suspended for DUI, speeding, DUI and misdemeanor hit and run.

3:00pm The reporting party (RP) at Hotel Trio on Dry Creek Road indicated that a guest refused to leave the hotel. Officers responded. The guest packed up and left.

Tuesday, June 18

11:14am An officer stopped a vehicle near the former location of Wicked Slush on Healdsburg Avenue for violation of license plate and window-tinting rules. A 28-YO man was arrested and transported to county jail on an outstanding San Jose County warrant regarding sexual battery and indecent exposure. The passenger of the vehicle was allowed to take possession of the vehicle and a dog.

12:28pm Officers responded to a disturbance in the area of Matheson Street at Greens Drive. During an altercation between the driver of a vehicle and a motorcyclist, the motorcyclist was hit several times with a golf club. The suspect with the golf club, a 74-YO man, was arrested and transported to the county jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

3:50pm The RP indicated that several days previously, her neighbor’s tractor on Grove Street, valued at approximately $3,000, was stolen. The RP called on behalf of her neighbor because the RP’s neighbor did not have his phone. Officers responded and took a report.

Wednesday, June 19 

6:25am Grand theft of a bicycle from the RP’s home occurred on Healdsburg Avenue. The RP subsequently located a man riding the bike on Kinley Avenue. When confronted by the RP, the man said he bought the bike. Officers responded and took a report. The bike was recovered and returned to the RP.

8:27am Graffiti was reported on the Foss Creek Path.

10:42am Petty theft occurred at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue on June 17. The suspect took a large container of hot-bar food, cake and a bottle of whiskey, valued at $60.67. The RP was willing to press charges. An officer responded and took a report.

10:44am Petty theft occurred at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. Two men took a bag of chips, two drinks and two sandwiches, valued at $34.74. The RP was willing to press charges. An officer responded and took a report.

1:05pm An officer contacted a 39-YO woman at the former location of Wicked Slush on Healdsburg Avenue. She was cited and released on an outstanding Sonoma County warrant regarding possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine.

1:32pm The RP on Grove St. indicated that when he was in an argument with his brother, his brother threw an object which hit the RP in the head. Officers responded, and the victim was transported to Sutter Hospital. A 22-YO male was arrested and transported to county jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

2:25pm Graffiti was reported on Grove Street on a tree behind the nursery school.

2:33pm A report received from West Plaza parking lot RP indicated a woman was choking a man, then the two were hugging. Subsequently, the man struck the woman. Officers responded, and both people declined medical assistance. A 53-YO male was arrested for domestic battery, disorderly conduct under the influence of a drug and violating probation. He was transported to county jail. An emergency protective order was granted.

7:32pm The RP indicated that reckless driving occurred at Healdsburg Junior High School on Grant Street. A black sports car was reported speeding and revving its engine. Officers responded but were unable to locate the vehicle.

Thursday, June 20

4:57pm An RP reported a vehicle collision in the Safeway parking lot at 2pm between a white Jeep and her vehicle, a rental. The drivers exchanged information.

Friday, June 21

6:56am The RP indicated that a hostile person claiming to have weapons was at Selby Winery Tasting Room on Center Street. The person subsequently left. Officers responded, but were unable to locate the person.

9:12am Graffiti was reported throughout the Badger Park bridge on Second Street at Alley 2.

12:28pm The RP at The Elephant In The Room on Healdsburg Avenue previously allowed a transient woman to sit on the patio while the RP cleaned. Subsequently, the woman refused to leave. The RP did not want to press charges, but wanted the police to be aware of the situation.

1:42pm A person was riding a black Harley recklessly, standing on the seat near Luciani Pump Co. on Mill Street. Officers responded and may have identified the suspect, but he was subsequently unable to be located.

Saturday, June 22

10:00am An accident-injury occurred at Jerry’s Valero on Dry Creek Rd. Multiple calls were received about a vehicle vs. bicyclist collision. Both subjects were still on scene. HPD units responded along with medical. The victim on the bike was transported to Memorial Hospital and released with minor injuries.

9:00pm The RP stated that she and her neighbor were arguing at L&M Motel on Healdsburg Avenue. A man threatened to throw a spray can at the RP. Officers responded and contacted the RP. She refused to press charges, but a report was taken for informational purposes.

Sunday, June 23

3:47am A man was slumped in a sedan at McDonald’s on Healdsburg Avenue. Officers responded and contacted the man. He handed over his keys and walked to a friend’s house.

6:50am The RP indicated that a man and woman were verbally fighting at Citrine Apartments on Grove Street. Officers responded and located the people at Valero. A 53-YO man, who had previously been arrested on June 20, was again arrested and transported to county jail for violating probation and violating a restraining order.

7:32am The RP on Matheson Street at Healdsburg Avenue stated that on June 22 a man was standing on the corner blocking the button for crossing the street. When the RP confronted the man about blocking the button, the man screamed at him. The RP wanted to know why the man was allowed to act like that. The information was logged.

8:46am The RP at Lola’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue located a skimmer device on the credit card machine. An officer responded, obtained the device and took a report.

12:20pm Two calls from an RP on Alexandria Drive reported domestic arguments between brothers. Officers responded, but nothing criminal had occurred. The officers gave advice and provided information for a therapist, a member of the Police Social Services Team.

3:35pm The RP indicated the RP’s vehicle was hit while parked at Casa Del Mole on Center Street. A witness provided the license plate number of the suspect vehicle. An officer responded and took a report.

3:57pm Officers contacted a man in a suspicious vehicle on Lytton Station Road at Hassett Lane. A 55-YO male was cited for possession of a controlled substance and possession of destructive devices or explosives.

5:08pm An employee at Healdsburg Regional Library on Piper Street stated a man locked himself in the bathroom. Officers responded and transported the man to Healdsburg General Hospital for extreme intoxication.

7:07pm A man attempted theft at Safeway on Vine Street. He subsequently got into an unrelated verbal argument with a customer. The man told the customer he would wait outside for the customer. Officers responded, but the man was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

10:13pm Numerous RPs indicated that a vehicle was speeding and doing donuts on Canyon Run. Subsequently, the driver of the vehicle played loud music and hit the curb while attempting to park four or five times. Officers responded. A 22-YO man was arrested for drunk driving, and released to a responsible party.

Compiled by Carolyn Brenner

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