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HEADQUARTERS The Healdsburg Police station at 238 Center St. (Photo by Christian Kallen)

Monday, June 24, 2024

8:11am A 37-Year-Old (YO) woman was contacted for a probation check on Dry Creek Road at Grove Street. She was arrested and released for violating probation.

8:21am Graffiti was reported at Badger Park on Heron Drive on the concrete wall near the bathroom and on the garbage bins.

9:25am The Reporting Party (RP) indicated that a bicyclist yelled at him and circled him on his bike on Grayson Way at Grove Street. The RP was advised to call back if the subject returned.

9:30am The RP indicated that a person was sleeping in the beer garden near Tisza on Healdsburg Avenue. Officers responded and asked the person to move along.

11:49am The RP indicated that two vehicles appeared to try to run each other off the road on Highway 101 at Old Redwood Highway. Officers responded and located a vehicle that was down the embankment. California Highway Patrol responded and took over the investigation.

3:38pm A 49-YO woman was stopped near Great Clips on Vine Street for having outstanding warrants. She was cited and released for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and on out-of-county warrants regarding possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

3:47pm A transient was regularly around the Parish Cafe on Mill Street since June 21. The transient yelled at the RP after the RP allowed the woman to charge her phone. The RP requested extra patrol of the area, but did not want to press charges.

 4:21pm A woman at Wells Fargo Bank on Vine Street tried to withdraw $2,500. She is on the be on the lookout (BOLO) list as having been impersonating another client throughout the County. Officers responded. She is described as an adult, 5-4, 120-130 pounds in a brown dress. The vehicle, a black Jaguar SUV, that the woman left in was added to the Flock license plate reader system. An officer met with the RP and took a report.

Tuesday, June 25

12:27am Graffiti was reported at Badger Park on Heron Drive on the entrance sign.

5:39am The RP indicated that a man and woman were having a verbal argument at Healdsburg Corporation Yard on Westside Road. The call was referred to Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

8:43am An officer contacted a suspicious person at the 7-Eleven Store on Healdsburg Avenue. A 35-YO man was arrested and transported to county jail for theft or misappropriation of lost property, carrying a concealed dirk or dagger, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine.

10:18am–2:03pm Multiple graffiti incidents were reported throughout central Healdsburg: at Plaza Park on Healdsburg Avenue, on Center Street at North Street and at the Acorn Café on Matheson.

2:57pm A vehicle was vandalized at Healdsburg City Hall on Grove Street. The RP called on behalf of a Spanish-speaking person who stated something on his vehicle was broken. An officer responded and took a report.

4:04pm A person was stopped near Dollar Tree on Vine Street for violating window-tinting rules. A 40-YO man was cited and released for driving with a license suspended for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), and advised of an out-of-county warrant.

7:14pm Petty theft by two men occurred at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. Some items were recovered. The RP wanted to press charges. The suspects fled in a vehicle, running a red light. An officer responded, but the vehicle was gone on arrival (GOA) and unable to be located (UTBL). A report was taken and an investigation started.

8:00pm A food vendor violated permit rules at Plaza Park on Healdsburg Avenue. The subject was advised of the city ordinance.

9:00pm A verbal argument between two men occurred at Dollar Tree on Vine Street. The RP stated that he was kicked by a male clerk and felt slightly injured, but declined medical help. The RP wanted to press charges for being kicked. Officers responded, but the RP was GOA. The store clerk and a witness indicated that the RP threw a bottle of water at the clerk and that the clerk never kicked the RP. The RP was escorted out of the building prior to the arrival of law enforcement. Information about the incident was recorded.

10:27pm A vehicle was stopped on Philip Drive at Paul Wittke Drive due to a headlight not working. A 19-YO man was arrested for DUI, driving without a license, driving as a minor with detectable blood alcohol levels and possessing an open container of alcohol. He was transported to county jail.

Wednesday, June 26

7:54am Graffiti was reported on Johnson Street on a construction fence.

2:09pm A person was cited for driving without a license on Highway 101 at Old Redwood Highway.

8:16pm A vehicle on Mill Street was stopped for violating tail-light rules. A 31-YO man was cited and released on an outstanding Sonoma County warrant regarding disobeying a court order and DUI.

Thursday, June 27

3:00pm An RP indicated that a vehicle hit a fire hydrant on Clear Ridge Drive causing water to spew out. The vehicle left the scene and headed southbound on Rosewood Drive. An officer responded. A 66-YO woman was cited and released for misdemeanor hit-and-run.

3:55pm The RP stated that a woman trespassed at CVS Pharmacy on Center Street. Officers responded and cited a 65-YO woman for trespassing.

Friday, June 28

12:06am The RP indicated that a person violated protection orders by attempting to get the RP to drop or change the protection orders. An arrest warrant was sent out and a report was taken.

1:20pm Reckless driving was reported at the roundabout on Healdsburg Avenue. The RP indicated that a truck was all over the road, unable to maintain speeds, and almost hit another vehicle. The vehicle headed toward the bridge. An officer located the vehicle and the driver had not been drinking. No further assistance was needed.

9:14pm The RP, an employee, stated that a customer at Circle K on Healdsburg Avenue was threatening the RP, walking around the store yelling and attempting to steal alcohol. While on the phone with dispatch, the man left the store. The RP was advised to call back if the man returned.

Saturday, June 29

10:14am Fraud occurred at Fitch Mountain Terrace I on South Fitch Mountain Road. The RP, who has the power of attorney for her mother, called to indicate her mother wanted to meet “Publisher’s Clearing House” tomorrow at Safeway to claim winnings in exchange for gift cards. The victim was out $2,000 and was not aware she was getting scammed. Officers gave advice to the RP and her mother. The officers also spoke with the suspects, advised them to stop calling and blocked the phone numbers.

1:10pm The RP reported that squatters took items and a camera from a neighbor’s home on Spruce Way. The RP then placed his own Ring camera in his neighbor’s yard, which was also taken. The RP contacted Ring, which requested a police report.

7:52pm The RP stated that a man hit him with a beer at One-O-One on Plaza Street. The RP declined medical help. An officer arrived on the scene and met with the RP, who did not want to press charges.

Sunday, June 30

10:39am The RP indicated that an e-bike valued at $2,500 was stolen on East Street several days previously. An officer responded and took a report.

12:58pm The RP indicated that neighbors had been pressure washing all day, a Sunday, on Prince Avenue, which violated a city ordinance. An officer responded and advised the neighbors of the complaint; they then shut down for the day.

1:47pm A vehicle was stopped on Highway 101 at Dry Creek Road for unsafe lane changes. A 40-YO man was cited on outstanding warrants regarding violating a restraining order.

2:21pm The RP indicated that a woman was sleeping at Quail & Condor on Healdsburg Avenue and yelling at the staff. The RP did not want to have a no-trespass letter filed against the woman, but wanted her to be asked to leave. The woman subsequently left, and the RP was advised to call back if the woman returned.

3:47pm Officers arrested a 53-YO man near Dry Creek Inn on Dry Creek Road behind Pepper’s for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine. He was transported to county jail, and his vehicle was towed.

5:17pm The RP indicated that her child’s father contacted her via a parenting app indicating he would be three hours late for the custody exchange. She also reported a violation of their restraining order. The officer met with the 29-YO man and subsequently arrested him on an existing warrant for violating a restraining order. He was transported to county jail.

8:11pm A man reportedly attacked a woman at the 7-Eleven Store on Healdsburg Avenue. There were broken beer bottles scattered around. No weapons were seen. Officers responded and determined the 35-YO woman was the aggressor. She was arrested for domestic violence and public intoxication. She was transported to county jail. A judge denied an emergency protection order.

8:43pm The RP indicated that three shots were heard near the Railroad Bridge on Front Street. No vehicles or suspicious people were seen in the area. The officer’s response was delayed due to a priority assignment. The subjects were GOA, UTBL.

9:06pm A man who had been drinking left River Lane in a vehicle after a family disturbance. Officers were instructed to BOTL for the described vehicle.

Compiled by Carolyn Brenner

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