COOL SNOOZE These little fellas know what to do when August temps climb into the 90’s. Nap.

These fellas are resting now, but they have much work ahead of them. The pupsters shown here and their nine other siblings will be working dogs. They are part of a litter for Canine Companions for Independence. 

This organization raises and trains dogs to help people with disabilities: deafness, PTSD, burn victims, wheelchair users and others less able but not blind persons; blind people rely on Guide Dogs for the Blind. 

Companion dogs address the challenge of various physical disabilities and are trained and paired for specific needs. 

Headquartered in Santa Rosa with over 50 chapters nationally and six training centers spread across the U.S., Canine Companions trains, find jobs and loving partners for these special creatures. In fact, there is a waiting list and much volunteer work to do. 

Fun facts: Almost 7,500 dogs have been teamed with disabled humans since the organization began; in 2022, 413 dogs were placed; 98% of placements are successful. Over 4,500 volunteers come together to make this happen. Presently, there is a shortage of volunteers. Learn more at 

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