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September 29, 2023

Police Logs, Aug. 7-14

Partial List of Incidents Reported to Healdsburg Police

Monday, Aug. 7

10:52am. Petty theft reported at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. A male stole two large hot bar containers. Officers responded and a report was taken.

1:45pm. A hit and run accident was reported on Hilltop Road. Reporting Party (RP) indicated the other driver left without sharing their info. RP referred to Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

3:32pm. Possession of stolen property occurred on Healdsburg Avenue at Front Street. Flock safety cameras indicated that the vehicle was stolen, which Elk Grove confirmed. Officers stopped the driver, a 20-year-old (YO) woman, at CVS and arrested her for receiving a stolen vehicle. Victim was contacted and the car was towed.

Tuesday, Aug. 8 

8:11am. A disturbance occurred at Dry Creek Inn on Dry Creek Road. A man was bothering kids he did not know. RP thought the subject had a pocket knife and said the man was cursing at everyone and saying he’s going to stab them. An officer responded and made contact with the RP and the subject. The subject and his mother checked out of Dry Creek Inn.

9:34am. Reckless driving reported on Center Street at Lincoln. RP was riding his skateboard on Center and came to the intersection. A white SUV drove through the intersection and didn’t see the RP.  The RP’s skateboard rolled under the car and the car continued eastbound on Lincoln Street. RP did not see the license plate or driver. Office responded and spoke with RP.

10:51am. Burglary reported at Mix Garden Materials on Healdsburg Avenue. RP’s shipping container in the back of the property was broken into during overnight hours. The fence on the bike path side was cut to gain access to the container. Equipment estimated to be worth $5,000 was stolen.

2:48pm. Grand theft occurred at Oakville Grocery on Matheson Street. RP indicated a male and a female holding a baby came into the store on Aug. 5 and took over $1,000 worth of wine without paying. RP is willing to press charges.

5:38pm. Reckless driving occurred at Healdsburg Avenue and Terrace Boulevard. RP indicated a male was riding a bike northbound in the southbound lane, swerving into traffic. Officer responded, but the subject was gone on arrival.

6:12pm. Vandalism to a vehicle occurred on Dry Creek Road. RP indicated that someone tried to break into his RV and broke a window. RP transferred to Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

6:58pm. Drunk driving occurred on Powell Avenue. A truck and a sedan were in an accident and a power pole was damaged. Officers dispatched and medical care was started. A 33 YO male was arrested for driving under the influence and transported to county jail. PG&E responded to take care of the power pole and wires.

9:12pm. Disturbing the peace occurred at L & M Motel on Healdsburg Avenue. Party being rude and yelling at another party. Officers responded and separated and counseled both parties.

9:19pm. Reckless driving occurred at Healdsburg Community Center on Healdsburg Avenue. Multiple RPs indicated a vehicle was spinning doughnuts in the parking lot of the community center. There was no vehicle description, and when an officer arrived the vehicle was gone on arrival.

Wednesday, Aug. 9 

12:54pm. Warrant service at Healdsburg Police Department on Center Street. A 35 YO man was arrested and transported to county jail for involuntary manslaughter.

1:20pm. Petty theft occurred at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue on July 26 at 5:50pm. The subject stole four packages of sausage, grilled salmon, two drinks and a large hot food container. RP willing to press charges. A report was taken.

Thursday, Aug. 10

8:17am. Reckless driving occurred at the post office on Foss Creek Circle. RP indicated a vehicle was going northbound on 101 recklessly fast and then took the Central Healdsburg exit. RP stated the vehicle’s bumper was hanging off and dragging in the roadway, and there is an umbrella stuck in a corner of the vehicle. An officer responded, but the vehicle was gone on arrival.

11:51am. A 33 YO woman was cited for a probation violation, drug paraphernalia possession and possession of medication without a prescription when her vehicle was stopped at Circle K on Healdsburg Avenue for a lack of registration.

4:46pm. A disturbance occurred at McDonald’s on Healdsburg Avenue. RP states a female was yelling and cursing. RP believes she is yelling at herself. She is yelling, “You don’t love me” and “You think you are part of my family.” Officer responded and contacted the subject.

9:21pm. Burglary occurred on Philip Drive. Officers arrested a 48 YO man for armed burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia and transported him to county jail.

9:24pm. Drunk driving and/or reckless driving occurred on Healdsburg Avenue. A gold SUV sped through the roundabout, cutting off other vehicles and nearly causing collisions. Officers were on the lookout for the gold SUV occupied by two males.

Friday, Aug. 11

3:47am. A 49 YO male drunk driver was arrested at Powell Avenue and Prince Avenue.

2:49pm. Trespassing occurred at Healdsburg Regional Library on Piper Street. RP stated there was a female outside screaming. The subject was also trespassed from all libraries in Sonoma County last month. Officers responded and advised the subject.

3:43pm.The RP stated there were two different incidences of sexual assault against two different victims perpetrated by the same suspect. The first occurred on 7/17/23 at a hotel near a casino, but the victim is unsure which casino. The 2nd incident occurred 7/30/23 at the address of a home. An officer responded and referred the RP to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and the Santa Rosa Police Department due to each assault happening in a different jurisdiction.

10:28pm. A grand theft occurred at Barndiva on Center Street. The RP came to the police department  to report that his bike, a Specialized in gun-metal silver and black, was stolen between 5:15-9:45pm. The RP is willing to press charges if a suspect is located. A report was taken.

11:17pm. A male at the Healdsburg Hospital Laboratory on March Avenue outside the ER was being aggressive and continuously yelling at the security guard. Officers responded, but the subject was gone on arrival.

Saturday, Aug. 12 

1:30am. A hit and run accident occurred at Coyote Sonoma on Mill Street. Officers responded and checked the area for the vehicle. A 22-year-old male was cited for a hit and run misdemeanor. 

8:34am. Graffiti reported by the Foss Creek Trail 150 yards north of Grant Street on the north facing panel of a large warehouse building.

1:22pm. An officer noticed new graffiti at Oak Grove Apartments on Grove Street. The officer spoke with the management and took a report.

3:25pm. A man refused to pay his bill of $98 at The Matheson on Matheson Street. The RP stated that the credit card did not go through, and the subject was reluctant to give his contact information. The RP searched the internet for the subject’s name and found that the Napa police department reported on their Facebook page a similar incident with the same subject. Officer responded and provided advice to RP.

3:56pm. Property damage occurred on North Street when a vehicle was hit. The vehicle was towed and a report was taken.

4:23pm. A disturbance occurred at the Davis Family Vineyards on Front Street where a woman was screaming obscenities at patrons. No drugs, weapons or alcohol were seen. Officers responded and advised the subject to move along.

7:38pm. Drunk driving was reported on Matheson Street at Healdsburg Avenue. The RP stated the driver hit the concrete barrier on the freeway before exiting and was driving all over the road. Officers responded and located the vehicle, but the vehicle was not occupied.

8:41pm. A hit and run accident occurred on Plaza Street at Healdsburg Avenue. The RP called to report someone hit the RP’s vehicle and did not stop. The RP followed the suspect’s vehicle. Officers were dispatched, and the parties exchanged information at the police department.

Sunday, Aug. 13 

1:08am. Drunk driving committed by a male after leaving John & Zeke’s on Healdsburg Avenue. The RP stated that a man was seen mumbling to himself while leaning up against the building before stumbling to his vehicle. According to the RP, he then pulled out fast. Officers responded and located the vehicle on Arbor Way.  A 48 YO man was arrested and pre-booked at the police department for driving under the influence.

10:33am. A warrant was served on a 20 YO male for outstanding warrants related to driving under the influence and driving without a license. He was a passenger in a car stopped for speeding (90 mph in a 65 mph zone) south of the Lytton Springs exit on 101.  The male 53 year old driver was cited for speeding and driving with a suspended license. 

12:57pm. A hit and run accident occurred at the parking lot north of Lo & Behold on Healdsburg Avenue on Aug. 12. The RP has the suspect’s license plate number and a photo of the damage to their vehicle. An officer took a report.

4:46pm. Grand theft occurred at Tamarind on Healdsburg Avenue. Three female subjects, possibly teenagers, stole clothing. Officers responded and were also told of another unrelated theft by a different suspect leaving a different store. Females suspected of theft at Tamarind were not located. An officer took a report.

5pm. Grand theft occurred at Susan Graf Limited on Matheson Street. While arriving on the scene at Tamarind to investigate a theft, an officer was approached by staff of Susan Graf. The staff pointed out a shoplifter that just left their store westbound toward West Plaza Park. Officers detained the suspect and recovered items from several stores in her bag. The 75 YO woman was positively identified by a Susan Graf employee, placed under arrest and booked into county jail.

Monday, Aug. 14 

1:53am. The RP called to report that he had an accident on S. Fitch Mountain Road. Officers responded and transferred this DUI crash and arrest to California Highway Patrol.

5:46pm. Bus 226 on Route 60 had an issue with a female customer at Healdsburg Avenue and Parkland Farms Boulevard. Officers responded and advised the subject. 

11:38pm. A two vehicle accident occurred on University Street at North Street. RP does not believe there are any injuries. RP is concerned about how the male subject is getting in the face of the other involved party.  An officer responded and the parties exchanged information. 


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