Police cars behind Healdsburg station
POLICE FLEET Vehicles of the Healdsburg Police Department parked behind their headquarters at 238 Center Street.

Monday, July 31

11:55am. A Hit and Run Accident reported at McDonald’s on Healdsburg Avenue. Reporting party (RP) indicated a vehicle backed into her car. Both vehicles pulled into McDonald’s parking lot and then the suspect, a male wearing a hat, fled the scene in his vehicle. Officers responded and made contact with the suspect, who later reported to the police department, and a report was taken.  

3:11pm. A Hit and Run accident was reported at Casa Del Mole on Center Street. Suspect was driving a beige pickup truck with distinctive tires that sounded like rumbling when the vehicle backed up. A male, who looked to be in his 40s, wearing a blue polo, got out of his vehicle, looked around, got back in his vehicle and drove off.  

6:04pm. An officer approached a subject at the 7-Eleven Store on Healdsburg Avenue regarding public intoxication. The subject became uncooperative, and the 32-year-old male was arrested for public intoxication and transported to county jail. 

Tuesday, Aug. 1

9am. Disturbance on Healdsburg Avenue. Reporting party indicated there was a woman wearing jean shorts and an argyle sweater in the parking lot of McDonald’s, swinging a bat and yelling obscenities. The subject was seen getting into a gray vehicle and exiting the parking lot.  Officers responded and made contact with the subject regarding mental health concerns. 

2:30pm. Disturbance at Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach on Healdsburg Avenue. RP indicated that a male wearing all black was chasing a female wearing a black shirt and shorts. She was yelling, “He is going to rape me.” No drugs, weapons or alcohol were seen. Healdsburg Police responded. A park ranger also called advising she saw the same woman run behind Wicked Slush. Officers made contact with subjects, and no further assistance was required. 

7:48pm. Petty Theft of four batteries was reported at O’Reilly Auto Parts on Healdsburg Avenue. Reporting party said the suspects were two males who left in a red Toyota 4 Runner. Reporting party provided the license plate. Officers responded, and the RP decided not to press charges. RP only wanted an incident number for insurance purposes. The area was checked for the vehicle. 

Wednesday, Aug. 2

11am. Fraud occurred at the Bank of the West on Center Street. RP contacted Healdsburg Police for a report. RP stated that on Friday he was contacted by his bank. The bank employee stated that a subject attempted to pass one of RP’s checks with his forged signature at the branch in Healdsburg. The employee stated that they have camera footage and the name of the subject. Healdsburg police told RP to contact Lake County for a report due to the jurisdiction of where the checks were stolen.

1:34pm. Threats occurred at Citrine Apartments on Grove Street. RP went on a dating app and shared nude pictures with someone she met. Yesterday, RP received multiple threats, including that the receiver of the pictures would post all nude pictures on Instagram unless she gave him $400. He threatened: “You will be gone,” “You’ll wish you had never been born,” “This is the end of you, so comply and cooperate.” Police responded and provided advice. 

3:01pm. Grand Theft occurred on Grant Street. Suspect was stealing a bicycle in front of RP’s office. She knows the owner of the bike, and the subject is not the owner. Officers responded and located the suspect. A 35-year-old male was arrested and booked at Sonoma County Jail. 

6:54pm. Reckless Driving occurred at Rockpile Road and Lake Sonoma. RP stated a vehicle was doing donuts at Lake Sonoma in the upper parking lot. The caller was transferred to California Highway Patrol. The vehicle was described as a Lexus, but the registration indicated an Infinity.

11:53pm. Drug activity arrests resulted from officer initiated activity at Healdsburg Avenue and Lytton Springs Road when a vehicle was stopped for a registration violation. A 34-year-old male was arrested and transported to county jail for possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia and fireworks and outstanding warrants. Another occupant, a 39-year-old male, was arrested and transported to county jail for drug possession and a probation violation, as well as an outstanding Napa County warrant. 

Thursday, Aug. 3

1:11am. Possible Drunk Driver at Redwood Highway and Dry Creek Road.  Vehicle, possibly a Nissan Sentra, exited Dry Creek in an unknown direction. Vehicle was unable to maintain its lane, crossing double yellow. Healdsburg Police responded, but the vehicle was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

11:34am. Fraud occurred at Montage on Montage Way. RP states a guest committed fraud on 03/28/2021 ($4,865.14) and 06/25/2023 ($5,735.01). During the most recent stay, it was realized that there was a $0 balance on the gift cards used. RP states an investigation ensued that found the responsible party for both frauds. RP states the gift card holders, who include numerous victims, still had their physical gift cards and never gave them away. An officer responded, and a report was taken. 

6:33pm. Drug Activity occurred on South Fitch Mountain Road. RP states the subject was on his property and ran to the street when seen. The subject is a female, 25-30 years old, wearing a blue hoodie and black/white pattern pants, white shoes, and carrying a large Nike purse. RP questioned her about what she was doing there, and she responded with a mumble. RP has no trespassing signage, and no weapons were seen. The subject is acting strangely by wandering back and forth across the street through traffic. RP followed her on foot to Badger Park. Officers responded, and a 41-year-old female was arrested and brought to county jail for narcotics possession, loitering and a probation violation. 

8:40pm. Public Intoxication occurred at Valette on Center Street. RP stated a subject at the restaurant had too much to drink, and RP offered to drive him home, but the subject is so intoxicated that he doesn’t remember where he lives. RP needs law enforcement assistance getting him back to his residence. Officer responded and requested medical help for the intoxicated subject. Subject was transported to hospital by Bells Ambulance.

Friday, Aug. 4 

1:32pm. Petty Theft occurred at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Avenue. A male, wearing a light gray button up dress shirt, dark blue dress pants and boots, stole two chicken strips, valued at $5. An officer responded, and a report was taken. 

3:50pm. Vandalism to a vehicle occurred on Ward Street two days earlier when the front left tire was slashed. RP took the vehicle to an auto body repair shop. RP does not have any surveillance. The incident was logged for information purposes only. 

5:33pm. Fraud occurred at Giorgio’s Restaurant on Grant Avenue. RP received a fraudulent call where someone stated they were calling from PG&E. RP provided $360, $360.09 and $200 through Zelle. PG&E advised the RP to call her bank and local authorities. RP requested that the incident be logged. 

6:26pm. A Hit and Run Accident occurred at Fairview Inn and Suites on Healdsburg Avenue. RP heard a loud crash when a stop sign was hit. The stop sign is on the ground. Report taken.

Saturday, Aug. 5

4:24pm. Brandishing a Weapon occurred at Front Street and Healdsburg Avenue. RP advised a male driving a green or silver BMW sped by and flipped off the RP and waved a gun at him. The vehicle was going south on Healdsburg Avenue. The BMW was later stopped by police, and a consensual search was undertaken, but no contraband was located.

7:45pm. Drunk Driving occurred at Powell Avenue and Vista Via Drive and North Fitch Mountain Road. RP stated the driver was going westbound on Powell from North Fitch Mountain Road in a blue Toyota 1980 pickup truck. The driver is described as a male solo occupant wearing no shirt and multi-colored shorts. RP stated she saw him drinking, and then he got into his vehicle. Subject could be looking for friends or perhaps he left friends behind. A different caller stated a vehicle with a drunk driver was driving on March Avenue at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was gone on arrival and unable to be located.

8:11pm. Public Intoxication reported at McDonald’s on Healdsburg Avenue. A male was inside yelling at staff. He had no weapons. RP stated subject left and was advised to call back if subject returned.

Sunday, Aug. 6

12:13am. A Domestic Disturbance occurred at Hotel Trio on Dry Creek Road. A nurse from Sutter called to advise of a physical altercation where the victim was hit in the chest by the victim’s partner. The victim advised he does not want to press charges. The victim reported chest pain, and there was no bruising or marks left behind. An officer responded, and the suspect was arrested and transported to county jail. 

3:29am. Two males were causing a disturbance at the 7-Eleven store on Healdsburg Avenue. The first male was inside the store, and the second male was outside the store in a gold Ford. The male inside the store asked the RP if he wanted to fight outside. The RP saw the subject throw a beer, and it is unknown if any drugs, weapons or alcohol were involved. When police responded, the subjects were no longer at the store, and the RP was advised to call back if they returned.

7:03pm. Reckless driving occurred at the Healdsburg Fire Department on Grove Street and West Grant Street. The RP states the vehicle jumped the railroad and went the wrong direction. The vehicle is a white Toyota sedan. An officer responded, but the vehicle was gone on arrival and was unable to be located.

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