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September 29, 2023

Sponsored post — Expand Your World, Read this Summer

Sponsored post — Expand Your World, Read this Summer 
Calling all Sonoma County residents! Looking for a way to jazz up your summer? You are invited to sign up for Sonoma County Library’s 2020 Summer Reading Programfor exploration, learning and fun. 
While we shelter at home, we can expand our worlds through books and reading. That’s where the Summer Reading Program helps. The 2020 Summer Reading Challenge runs from June 1 through August 8 and offers fun activities and goals for all ages, easily tracked online. 
Sonoma County Library is challenging Sonoma County to read 2 million minutes this summer as part of the program. All it takes is 20 minutes a day, and there are prizes to be had for avid readers. Free books? Yes! For every eight hours you read, you’ll get a free book to keep, when libraries reopen.
“We have set a goal for Sonoma County to read 2 million minutes during the course of the summer reading program, and we are asking each participant to read at least 960 minutes during that time. It only takes 20 minutes a day this summer to surpass your 960-minute goal,” said Sonoma County Library Director Ann Hammond.
The library’s summer reading program will be mostly online, but reading takes place in person, in the real world. “It starts with a book in your lap,” added Hammond. “Then, you go online and record your minutes.”
The program was created to encourage a love of reading and combat the summer slide. Students who don’t read during the summer can lose months of learning, and studies show that reading over the summer strengthens all learning skills. The library’s job is to foster lifelong learning and educational enrichment, and it’s essential to support children in their journey to become enthusiastic readers.
The library encourages families and individuals of all ages to participate in this fun program. Maybe set up your own challenge with friends and family!
The library’s summer reading program is so easy, you can participate from anywhere, as long as you are in Sonoma County. Visit sonomalibrary.org/summerreading2020to learn more and join the fun. Paper reading logs are also available for download on the website. Those who use paper logs can keep them and turn them in when the libraries reopen.
The Summer Reading Program comes on the heels of the library’s Winter Reading Challenge, where Sonoma County was one of the nation’s challenge winners, clocking in over 1.2 million reading minutes. That was good, but we can do better! Sign up for the Summer Reading Program today! 


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