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June 26, 2022

This Week in H’burg: International sculpture day.

This Week in H’burg is a weekly column featuring photos and fun facts from local photographer Pierre Ratté. Each week we’ll feature a new photo from Ratté along with a fact about the subject matter of the photo.
 International Sculpture Day began in 2015. It’s celebrated on the last Saturday in the month of April, as a day to go out and experience sculpture. A worldwide event, it was developed to help people relate to this three-dimensional art form and better understand its value and contributions to society. This last Saturday, local artist T Barney opened up his studio and sculpture garden to over 200 visitors who were happy to get out and ‘touch’ sculptures again. Barney’s work is known far and wide. You may have seen his signature form, a trefoil mobius loop, in the entrance way to Big John’s Market. Barney has been carving stone for 40 years. Importing large blocks of stone from over 50 countries into his studio, his sculpture garden houses their curvilinear forms until they ship out. Barney also works in bronze castings, as in the sculpture above. His studio is located on Pine Flat Road and is open to the public by appointment. You can learn more about International Sculpture Day at www.sculpture.org.
Pierre Ratté posts a daily picture on Instagram, Facebook and TodayinHburg.com. He can be reached at [email protected] His book “100 Days Sheltering-In-Place” can be purchased at Levin’s and Copperfield’s bookstores, TodayinHburg.com or Amazon.com.