Solito de Baja (Submitted)

Dear Editor,

My name is Solito. I am a Healdsburg resident and a passionate reader of The Healdsburg Tribune. You may have seen me around town—I frequent the plaza, selected sidewalks, the bookstores and many of the cafes with outdoor seating. I could call myself a “man about town,” but this would be a falsehood, as I am, in actuality, a dog. 

I’m reaching out to you in order to gauge your interest in having an editorial column from a dog’s perspective. My owner, a reasonable man, informed me that the Tribune is under new management. And I heard from friends that the new  owner articulated his vision for the Tribune at the Millstreet Craftwork “New Traditions” panel a few weeks ago. I was sorry to miss this, but Monday is skunk abatement day in my neighborhood, and I take this work seriously. 

I don’t need food money or health care benefits—my owner thankfully provides these, but I do need to find a creative outlet for my thoughts, which I believe to be relevant to the community. I have but three legs (do NOT call me Tripod), which has given me a unique perspective, kind of halfway between human and dog. Kind of. The victim card has been vastly overplayed in the last few years, in my opinion. But I am not above mentioning my disability, thus it may help you meet diversity goals.

You seem to be an open–minded and creative individual, bringing fresh eyes to our community. Transitions are the right time to rethink plans for the future. I read your excellent new Tribune  online updates. I regularly forward them to my canine pals and encourage them to sign up for this online news. And change is in the air. Healdsburg just elected a new mayor, Ariel Kelley. My vision is for a weekly column focused on our community—from a dog’s perspective. This may be asking a bit much initially; admittedly, I do struggle with self–discipline.

What are my qualifications, you ask? I have attended many local meetings in town and have witnessed the enthusiasm of our town’s residents for forging a positive future for Healdsburg. The considerable time I have spent under tables in wine bars listening to private conversations has given me a certain level of, I won’t say expertise, but perhaps understanding of the topics I hear discussed: affordable housing, the arts, greater access to the Russian River, where to buy the best pet treats. This stuff is right up my alley (alleys are also up my alley).  

I am also Mexican by birth, having moved from the Baja town Todos Santos to Healdsburg five years ago. My roots give me a particular cultural sensitivity and pride. You are no doubt aware of the outstanding organization, Corazon. But you might not know that Healdsburg boasts five Mexican restaurants that have all existed for over 25 years. This is our version of sustainable cuisine.

Thank you very much for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing from you, regardless of employment opportunities. With your permission, I would be pleased to forward you suggested topics of interest.

And a big woof out to you for rescuing our Healdsburg Tribune.  I am a rescue dog myself.

Solito de Baja 
Bailhache Avenue

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