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Organic Vodka Tasting: Hanson of Sonoma Tasting Room at Hanson Gallery

This summer’s hotspot is Hanson of Sonoma Tasting Room at Hanson Gallery, located in the heart of downtown Sausalito. With spectacular views of the Bay and the San Francisco city skyline, it’s not a place to miss. Brought together by a family’s passion for crafting organic spirits and their mutual love for art, Hanson Gallery offers an extensive art collection to explore while sipping Hanson of Sonoma grape-based organic vodka, whisky flights and handcrafted cocktails. 

The Hanson family has operated the Hanson Gallery in Sausalito for over 25 years. In early 2019, it added a spectacular bar and tasting room to the two-storied gallery to become the Hanson of Sonoma Tasting Room at Hanson Gallery, offering a unique experience for visitors—organic vodka, whiskey and art. For the art lover, the gallery has an extensive and rotating curation of classic works and exceptional modern and abstract pieces from many local and worldwide artists. The Tasting Room offers a variety of delicious options, including vodka flights of Hanson’s organic infused vodkas: Cucumber, Mandarin, Habañero and Meyer Lemon, plus seasonal flavors of Ginger, Boysenberry, Espresso and Pink Grapefruit. You can also indulge in expertly crafted cocktails and special pairings such as Regiis Ova caviar, delectable oysters from local purveyor Hog Island Oyster Co., chocolate truffles from KollarChocolate and other artisanal bites like locally sourced cheese and charcuterie, expertly paired with the vodka offerings.

Hanson of Sonoma, a small-batch family-owned distillery, is the brainchild of four siblings–Chris, Brandon, Alanna, and Darren–and their parents, Scott and Judy. Now leaders in the organic spirits industry, the family has been making grape-based vodkas using organic ingredients since 2015. The family is the first in the United States to offer a certified non-GMO spirit. A family of creators, Chris Hanson is able to showcase his art at Hanson of Sonoma Tasting Room at Hanson Gallery.

Hanson of Sonoma Vodka is made at the distillery (also open to the public) located in the Carneros region of Sonoma Valley. To create the award-winning vodkas, during the fall harvest the Hanson family works alongside their Sonoma neighbors, the Ceja family, a third-generation Mexican-American winemaking family. The Cejas’ crush facility presses the organic grapes to make a wine that is then distilled in Hanson’s impressive 50-plate column still to create Hanson Original Vodka. From there, the vodka is infused with locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables to make the Hanson infused organic vodkas. 

When you visit, try the Watermelon Wake cocktail. Made with Hanson’s Cucumber Vodka, it’s perfectly refreshing, especially when paired with fresh oysters. 

Hanson of Sonoma Tasting Room at Hanson Gallery offerings include:

  • Hanson Vodka Expression Tasting: a guided tasting of six vodka expressions, including seasonal releases available only at the distillery and tasting room. The current season is Pink Grapefruit– highly recommend! $30 per person. 
  • Hog Island Oysters: delicious hand-shucked Hog Island Oysters to enjoy with your Hanson cocktails and tastings. Oysters are served with Hog Island’s signature “Hog Wash” mignonette and lemon wedges. Starting at $21  for 6 oysters.
  • Hanson Vodka Cocktail & Expression Tasting: This guided tasting of three vodka expressions and a craft cocktail of your choice is $35 per person. 
  • Hanson Vodka & Chocolate Truffles Pairing: Six vodka expressions and six Kollar Chocolate truffles. An intimate experience– perfect for impressing someone special. $60 per person. 
  • Hanson Martini & Caviar Pairing: Ice-cold Hanson Vodka martinis and sublime caviar– classic! The Martini is made to your liking (extra dirty works well) and paired with a selection of caviar sourced exclusively by Chef Thomas Keller’s Regiis Ova. Starting at $95. 

Reservations can be made at https://hansonofsonoma.com/visit/sausalito/ or by calling (415) 332-4858. 

Hanson of Sonoma Tasting Room at Hanson Gallery is open Thursday-Monday, with Friday and Saturday hours of 11 a.m.-7 p.m. and 11 a.m.-6 p.m. on Thursday, Sunday and Monday. 

Reservations for Hanson’s Distillery and Tasting Room, located just 5 minutes from downtown Sonoma, can be made at https://hansonofsonoma.com/visit/ or by calling (707) 343-1805. 

The Sonoma location is open everyday from 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m.


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