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April 1, 2023

Healdsburg Police Logs

Healdsburg Police Logs, Jan. 30- Feb. 7

A partial list of reports received and logged by Healdsburg Police Department 

Monday, Jan. 30

7:55am. Trespassing at Black Oak Coffee. Reporting party (RP) called to report a woman wearing a blue sweater, white hat and white shoes was asleep on their benches. The RP said they would like her to be moved along. Officers responded; subject moved along.

10:42am. Party reported that someone requesting her friendship on Facebook was under an active restraining order preventing contact. 

4:50pm. At St Paul’s Rectory on Matheson St., a subject was reported lying with his legs in the roadway. The reporting party stated that the subject does not seem distressed but may need to be advised to move for his safety. Officers responded, and Joshua Payne, 39, was arrested and taken to county jail on multiple warrants on various charges of trespassing, drug and paraphernalia possession, driving under the influence, resisting arrest and public intoxication. 

Tuesday, Jan. 31

11:01pm. Three men stumbled out of John and Zeke’s and started throwing the garbage cans out front. The reporting party didn’t know if they were throwing them at each other, at someone else or in general. One of the subjects took a fake boxing stance at one point. Officers responded, but subjects were gone on arrival. 

Friday, Feb. 3

7:42am. Someone contacted Healdsburg Police to say that during the night someone stole tires and rims from the bed of a truck parked on Healdsburg Ave. 

11:50am. A caller from Hopland contacted the Police Department to report that the previous evening, on Thursday, Feb. 2, a group of males and females gathered for dinner and then went out for drinks at Duke’s Spirited Cocktails, and one of the females later believed she was drugged. The woman told others that she set her drink on the bar, unattended, to go to the restroom. When she and friends returned to their hotel in Hopland, she asked for help because she felt she could not move her body, stated she had never felt this way before and felt that she had been drugged. The woman was not immediately available for questioning because she was returning by air to Kentucky. A report was taken, and this case is under investigation. 

Saturday, Feb. 4 

Occurred at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Ave., two subjects have been asked multiple times to get off the property. They were described as a white adult male wearing a hoodie with rain poncho gray, and jeans, and a white adult female wearing a yellow poncho and jeans. The RP was able to get them out of business, they were on the south side of the parking lot when the call was made. No evidence of drugs, alcohol or weapons, but the RP believes they are under the influence of drugs. Before officers arrived, the RP called to say they had left the area. 

Sunday, Feb. 5

9:01pm. Battery was reported on Plaza Street at Dukes earlier in the day. The reporting party said the bar’s head of security asked if he could talk to the RP outside. The RP followed him out, and the security guard asked him to leave the bar because they were receiving complaints about him. RP advised he was going to wait for his friend, but then four security guards started pushing him down the street. Then the head of security choked the RP from behind and pulled him to the ground. RP did not immediately seek medical attention but will in the near future because he is having pains in his neck. RP willing to press charges. 

Monday, Feb. 6

7:54am. Grand theft report from Lola’s Market on Healdsburg Ave. It was reported that two males came into the store and stole approximately $1,500 worth of product. They were described as Hispanic adult males, wearing ski masks and black clothes. The RP stated the two men were at the store for approximately 15 minutes before leaving. There is security footage, and the vehicle was described as a white van. Report taken.

10:52am. Two transients were reported being at Dry Creek Inn on Dry Creek Rd. after being asked to leave. RP stated he sees them currently loading a needle. The male was described as in his 30s, wearing a blue sweater and green pants; the woman wearing dark clothing. The RP disconnected the call before officers could respond.  

1:44pm. A stolen vehicle was reported at La Tradicion Market on Healdsburg Ave. The reporting party stated he left two vehicles in the back parking lot, but when he opened the store this morning, one was missing. The vehicle was a white Ford E350 van. A report was taken and the vehicle entered into SVS.

Tuesday, Feb. 7

2:05pm. Petty theft reported at Dollar Tree on Vine St. when a call was received requesting help escorting a customer out of the store. This same subject threw soda on an employee a couple of days ago, and today he is opening food from the store and eating it while sitting inside. Police officers contacted and arrested the subject and transported him to county jail. 

9:06pm. A hit and run accident occurred at The Elephant In The Room on Healdsburg Ave. The reporting party heard the collision while at the business, and when he came out, he noticed damage to his gray Ford F150. The RP spoke to a business employee who had seen a gray Toyota pickup truck pulling away from the RP’s car and driving off; another witness saw the departing vehicle and identified the driver as a female. The RP doesn’t wish prosecution at this time but may call back later.


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