The Healdsburg swim team had an outstanding showing at the
Sonoma County League Championships held at the Petaluma Swim Center
last weekend.
The varsity boys, led by NCS qualifier David Crippes (100
butterfly), along with top efforts from Sam Howell, Don Walsh,
Brendan Phipps, Kyle Theis and CJ Mercer finished tied for fourth
place overall, with a team score of 145. Analy finished the league
season undefeated with 240 points on the day.
The Greyhound varsity girls squad captured fifth place as a team
on Saturday with a score of 154. The ladies were led by top
swimmers Ali McCann, Chelsea Bingham, Emily Ransford, Kathleen
Hohnstein, Skyler Atterbury, Whitney and Jenna Opperman, Emily
Aubert and Mia Smit. The Analy girls took first at the SCL meet to
end the league season undefeated with a team score of 229.
³The kids swam great, with a lot of personal bests being
submitted,² said long-time Healdsburg coach Laraine Carter. ³It was
nice to see them swim so well and turn in some of their fastest
times of the year.²
On Tuesday, the Hounds hosted Windsor in a dual meet at the
Healdsburg Pool. Below are the results of both meets.
Varsity girls ‹ Windsor 86, Healdsburg 84 (May 9 at
Healdsburg Swim Center)

200 medley relay (W) 2:15.45, Jenna Patalano, Kelsey Louden,
Nina Menth, Jenna Millan
200 freestyle (W) 2:23.72, Jenna Patalano
200 IM (W) 2.31.17,Kelsy Louden
50 freestyle (W) 29.86, Nina Menth
100 butterfly (H) 1:23.25, Whitney Opperman
100 freestyle (W) 1:05.55, Nina Menth
500 freestyle (W) 6:26:05, Jenna Patalano
200 freestyle relay (H) 2.08.52, Aubert, McCarn, Ransford,
100 backstroke (H) 1:18.55, Atterbury
100 breaststroke (W) 1:16.27, Kelsey Louden
400 freestyle relay (W) 4:28.22, Kelsey Louden, Nina Menth,
Jenna Millan, Jenna Patalano
Varsity boys ‹Healdsburg 102, Windsor 58
200 medley relay (H) 2.14.82, Theis, Phipps, Crippes, Walsh
200 freestyle (H) 2.38.95, Walsh
200 IM (H) 2.47.83, Phipps
50 freestyle (H) 26.29, Crippes
100 butterfly (H) 1.06.27, Crippes
100 freestyle (W) 1.09.19, Purcell
500 freestyle (H) 6:44.61, Mercer
200 freestyle relay (H) 2.02.92, Theis, Howell, Mercer,
100 backstroke (H) 1.19.93, Howell
100 breaststroke (H) 1.22.63, Phipps
400 freestyle relay (H) 4.25.93, Mercer, Howell, Phipps,
SCL championships (May 13 at Petaluma Swim Center),
Healdsburg varsity results only

Varsity girls 200 Medley relay, 6th place, 2:11.65, Skyler
Atterbury, Chelsea Bingham, Jessica Ahlgren, Emily Aubert
Boys 200 Medley relay, 5th place, 1:57.69, Kyle Theis, Brendan
Phipps, David Crippes, Don Walsh
Girls 200 freestyle, 10th place, Jessica Ahlgren, 2:31.39
Boys 200 freestyle, 9th place, Don Walsh, 2:18.71
Girls 200 IM, 5th place, Chelsea Bingham, 2:30.26
Boys 200 IM, 4th place, Sam Howell, 2:31.20
Girls 50 freestyle, 6th place, Kathleen Hohnstein, 28.32; 7th
place, Emily Aubert, 28.91; 11th place, Emily Ransford, 29.58
Boys 50 freestyle, 2nd place, David Crippes, 23.76
Girls 100 butterfly, 7th place, Jenna Opperman, 1:14.21;
11th-place, Allison Rudd, 1:19.33
Boys 100 butterfly, 2nd place, David Crippes, 56.17 (NCS
consideration); 7th place, CJ Mercer, 1:08.41
Girls 100 freestyle, 7th place, Ali McCann, 1:01.91
Boys 500 freestyle, 6th-place, CJ Mercer, 6:02.58; 7th place,
Don Walsh, 6:08.16
Girls 200 freestyle relay, 4th place, 1:55.25, McCann, Ransford,
Aubert, Hohnstein
200 freestyle relay, 3rd place, 1:41.63, Theis, Mercer, Phipps,
Girls 100 backstroke, 5th place, Skyler Atterbury, 1:11.95; 6th
place, Emily Ransford, 1:12.20; 7th Mia Smit, 1:15.73; 8th Ali
McCann, 1:16.15
Boys 100 backstroke, 4th place, Kyle Theis, 1:11.97
Girls 100 breaststroke, 5th Chelsea Bingham, 1:14.69; 10thplace,
Emily Aubert, 1:20.77
Boys 100 breaststroke, 9th-place, Brendan Phipps, 1:15.33
Girls 400 freestyle relay, 4th place, 4:16.10, Hohnstein,
McCann, Ransford, Bingham
Boys 400 freestyle relay, 5th place, 4:08.30, Walsh, Mercer, Tim
Weidemier, Spencer Marker

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