First stop in Wine Country
As I sit here in my hometown of Cloverdale, I am amazed to hear people around the area talk about how we are the last stop in Sonoma County and the Wine Country. Life and solutions are a matter of perspective. If I was driving into our bucolic community from the hectic, traffic-ridden craziness found to our south, then I might be able to understand this comment and/or expression. However if I look to the north, where Cloverdale has two gateway entrances into our community (Highway 128, which brings people from the spectacular north coast, and Highway 101, through which people enter Sonoma County after touring the redwoods and lost coast,) Cloverdale is the first stop in the Wine Country of Sonoma County and the Alexander Valley. I guess being first or last is simply a matter of perspective. I choose to be first.
Ron Pavelka

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