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July 22, 2024

Snapshot: Birkenstocks

Sandals on a dock
Birkenstocks were introduced to the U.S. market in the summer of 1966 and reportedly sold through health stores. Originally taken up for healthy feet and emblematic of the hippie movement, Birks have been trending with techies...

Flashbacks for June 27

Postcard view
From the Healdsburg Tribune, June 24, 1949: "New faces are seen about the city, new cars on the streets, activity in the Fitch Mountain area is increasing . . . which all points to the fact that summer residents are here again..."

Library Modernization Just a Summer Away

Interior library
'We are fielding a lot of questions these days about our upcoming Building Modernization Project. The planning stage of the project is nearing completion and we still anticipate a start date for construction around Sept. 1...'

Snapshot: The Look of Love

Horses in a field
'On cool days, their spot is on this hillock. On warmer summer days, their spot is beneath a shade tree. So regular are they, that anyone driving past the intersection of Mill Creek Road and Mill Creek Lane after 3pm will likely see them standing together or nuzzling...'

Flashbacks for June 13

Old touring car
Arthur L. Day, director of the Geographical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institute, Washington, D.C., left here Friday for the volcano Kilauea, in the Island of Hawaii, after 10 days at The Geysers....

Snapshot: Gastronomic Gems

Table setting
“An Evening with a Farmer, Butcher, Chef and Unicorns” was the billing for an auction item from Sonoma County Vintners (SCV) in Healdsburg last week. SCV gives grants to more than 430 organizations in education, literacy, health, human services, art and culture...

Opinion: State Needs to Approve Climate Bond Measure

California Capitol
The State Legislature is currently considering two bills that would place the bond measure on the ballot. Should it pass, the bond would represent the largest voter-approved climate investment in U.S. history, with at least 40% of the funds directed toward the most vulnerable communities....

Snapshot: Pride by Another Name

Rainbow fence
Rainbow colors on this Healdsburg fence and the flags celebrating Pride Month symbolize freedom, overarching beauty, something special and something joyful. Looking upon colorful flags and the happiness of Pride parades, it’s easy to forget the history that led to these colors and today’s freedoms....

Councilman Comes Around on Growth Management Ordinance

City Council
"We have finalized a ballot measure for Healdsburg’s voters that encourages housing that is best suited to Healdsburg’s workers," writes Councilmember Chris Herrod, "near the city center, close to transportation and jobs, and where higher density units make the most sense, both cosmetically and economically (and in accord with our climate goals)..."

Snapshot: It Started with Decoration Day

American Flag on truck
Despite Memorial Day’s deep significance, it was not recognized as a national holiday until 1971. The complex and poignant story of its becoming a national holiday echoes through the canyons of American history from the Civil War to the present...