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May 28, 2023

Cries of the Earth, germs of racism

We have been living in a global village and sharing the same orbiting planet much longer than social scientists have been reminding us, or the first photos from outer space of our fragile blue-green marble confirmed.

Commentary: Consider the rest

When “people of color” are talked about in history and media, the predominant picture that’s imagined is a black person being kicked out of a restaurant or a Mexican person being detained for being here illegally.

Your time is needed

It was not too long ago that I listened intently to updates of the Lake County fire.


Domestic violence continues to thrive in our local communities

Another urgent plea

A few months ago I made an urgent plea that folks stop burning

1+1+1 = 1

A little over a week ago, I was driving with my father from Phoenix to San Diego. We were in the hills above San Diego when traffic on Interstate 8 came to an abrupt stop. Soon we saw signs telling us we were approaching a Border Patrol checkpoint. We noticed that the Border Patrol officer was having a long conversation with the driver of the car in front of us, finally motioning him over to the side where there were a number of well-armed officers. When I drove up, he motioned me on through with a wave and a simple, “Have a nice day.”

Virtual Reality

Did I read it someplace, or did I just dream it? At this stage of life it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference, but somehow I got the impression that older people are now forming virtual retirement villages. These villages exist on the Internet by means of social media, I believe.

Healdsburg Meat Co. development agreement process explained

A lot of public interest has been expressed regarding the new building on the corner of North and Center Streets. Questions related to parking requirements, changes to the Development Agreement (“DA”) and the impact the changes of the building’s tenants have on the DA have been recent topics of conversation in our community. We have prepared this information in an effort to inform residents of the changes to this project.

Parking meters are a tax

I am a local who has been visiting and shopping downtown since 1990. The current parking dilemma has arisen because of the past political marriage between downtown business and local politicians. In an effort to promote growth and accumulate revenue, Healdsburg has incorporated the in-lieu parking fee concept, which although is good for developers, it has failed the local property owning taxpayer.

A bad cloud count

There are stark, disturbing clouds darkening parts of every community and neighborhood in Sonoma County. Please be alerted that these clouds are increasing and will not go away without our intervention.