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July 14, 2024

Riverkeeper Head Recalls Local Icon, Activist Marty Griffin

Environmental pioneer and Westside Road winemaker Dr. Martin Griffin died this week at his home in Belvedere, Marin County. He was 103 years old. One of his proteges, Don McEnhill of Russian Riverkeeper, tells of the impact Griffin had on his life.

Meet the New Adel’s: Healdsburg Diner to Reopen Soon

On top of last-minute permitting issues, it has been a wildly hectic week at Pepper’s, according to Haidar—full of scheduling staff shifts, ordering food and supplies, and getting everything ready for opening day - which could come as early as May 31.

Preliminary City Budget Presented for Suggestions, Revisions

A special five-hour meeting time was blocked out for the Healdsburg City Council on Monday night this week to allow plenty of time for council review, and public comment, on a proposed two-year budget for the city. It even started an hour early, at 5pm, in the usual meeting room at City Hall. But barely an hour and a half passed before Mayor David Hagele gaveled the meeting over, at 6:35pm...

Gaza War Protesters at General Dynamics

“General Dynamics, you can’t hide—stop arming genocide!” chanted the pro-Palestine protestors, among other slogans calling attention to the Healdsburg offices and factory of General Dynamics, a defense industry business that has long quietly operated in town. “Healdsburg Says No to Bomb Factories!” read a large red banner; “Block the Bombs! Free Palestine!” another.

Futuristic ‘Popup Village’ Plans Summer Residency in Healdsburg

Heads up: Healdsburg will likely look and feel a lot different for the whole month of June. More than usual, we may hear crypto words...

Ruse Sues the City Over Code Enforcement Violation

“The Notice of Violation was prompted by multiple factors including anonymous complaints and social media posts by The Ruse promoting selling memberships for a club component for non-registered guests," said Police Chief Matt Jenkins.

‘Top o’ the Morning to You!’ Sunday’s Pre-Dawn Parade

For some reason, Healdsburg has become known for its St. Patrick’s Day parade. If it’s not the best, then certainly it’s the earliest. Starting...

Man Jailed After Evading Fitch Mountain Search

A Healdsburg man who evaded law enforcement on Sunday afternoon, March 3, was hiding in the thickets of Fitch Mountain, but he was arrested and jailed on Monday in Santa Rosa.

Rockets to Fly at Healdsburg High

A six-year crusade to incorporate rocket science into the official school-day curriculum at Healdsburg High School, led by art teacher Linus Lancaster, culminated Feb. 22 with a lunchtime rocket launch.

Yet Another ‘Outstanding Healdsburg Development Opportunity’

The city of Healdsburg is only just beginning to craft a South Entry Area Plan, a process that is expected to cost about $1.5 million. Although the plan is expected to get underway in 2024, City Manager Jeff Kay stressed that it is in its earliest stages.