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April 1, 2023

Local Gift Options for Wine-lovers

If wine is on a holiday shopping list—whether one is the host, the wine-bearing guest or the gift-giver for wine-loving and foodie friends—one may...

Local favorite Downtown Bakery and Creamery put up for sale

When you walk into Downtown Bakery and Creamery on Center Street, the scent of warm scones envelops you in a comforting hug and the familiar sound of the bread slicer rings out as locals line up for their morning coffee.

Shuttered businesses facing unmet challenges

The coronavirus pandemic is taking a devastating economic toll on Sonoma County’s economy: tourism, once a mainstay, is non-existent; 16,000 local workers have filed for unemployment; more than a thousand small businesses have applied for the federal Small Business Administration (SBA) Payroll Protection Plan (PPP). Meanwhile local governments continue to provide essential public health and welfare services, while their normal revenue sources trickle to near-zero.

Winery impact study delayed by COVID-19

A county study on the impacts of congestion, noise, safety and related issues linked to winery and rural tasting room and other special events, has taken so long that the original conditions and concerns that prompted the study in 2016 may now all be changing thanks to the potential post-pandemic business changes anticipated in the local wine industry.

A Saintly Spot in Dry Creek Valley

Healdsburg has a new heart; it’s called Little Saint.  In the luminous glass and steel building on the corner of North and Foss streets, which...

AAUW Advertorial 4-18-19

Get inspired at the Healdsburg Homes Tour

Public life goes dark

One month ago, all of Sonoma County’s “public life” was put off limits. No schools, locked parks, barricaded beaches, no dining out or casual shopping trips. Gathering places where conversations and friendships get shared are taboo. Libraries, coffee shops, brewpubs, art galleries and any space smaller than six feet square, are now officially declared uninhabitable.

County’s hospitality industry hit hardest in COVID outbreak

The welcome mat for Sonoma County’s wine country was rolled up several weeks ago in the midst of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place, and there is no prediction of when it might be rolled out again. Only a little over one quarter (27.8%) of the county’s 7,000 lodging rooms were occupied at the beginning of this month, down from an average occupancy rate of 78% from a year ago.

Brewing adventure in Cloverdale

A new coffee kiosk, Rockin’ A Adventure Café, opened its drive-up windows to Cloverdale earlier this month. The adventure-themed café is located on South Cloverdale Boulevard in front of Renner Petroleum.
Paul Hawley established Fogbelt Brewery in 2013 after several years in the wine business.

Fogbelt Station nears completion at depot

Healdsburg’s very own Depot District will soon have another attraction. And even if it’s several years until SMART comes to town, a new business...