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May 28, 2023
Paul Hawley established Fogbelt Brewery in 2013 after several years in the wine business.

Fogbelt Station nears completion at depot

Healdsburg’s very own Depot District will soon have another attraction. And even if it’s several years until SMART comes to town, a new business...

Healdsburg’s Campo Fina Will Close

Campo Fina, for 10 years one of Healdsburg’s most popular restaurants, announced on Sept. 12 that they would be closing their business at the...
Sam works the Middleton Farm produce booth at a recent Tuesday Farmers’ Market. He says Middleton Farm has attended the Healdsburg Farmers’ Market since 1989.

Healdsburg Farmers’ Market Gets It Right

Downtown Healdsburg is a hopping place to be on Saturday and Tuesday mornings, all the better for locals and out-of-towners who like farmers’ markets...

Art House Theater Planned for Healdsburg

The news that a new movie theater might be coming to Healdsburg swept through town like advance notice on a blockbuster, but it wasn’t...
KC Mosso the elephant bar

Despite the Name, the Elephant Is a ‘People Pub’

There’s a widespread sentiment in the wine industry: “It takes a lot of good beer to make a good bottle of wine.” So when Paul...

A Saintly Spot in Dry Creek Valley

Healdsburg has a new heart; it’s called Little Saint.  In the luminous glass and steel building on the corner of North and Foss streets, which...

Regional Pizza 
Group Mombo’s
Brings East 
Coast Pizza to

It would be unfair to several Healdsburg restaurants to say “At last, there’s pizza!” just because Mombo’s finally opened up in the Vineyard Plaza,...

Healdsburg’s Agrarian Roots Still Growing

Some 90 people filled the upstairs hall at Little Saint, the vegan culinary compound at 25 North St., to attend the “season finale” of...

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Sponsored post — Expand Your World, Read this Summer 

New CEO selected at Healdsburg District Hospital

James Schuessler replacing the retiring Joe Harrington