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May 28, 2023

Cannabis Country – Sebastopol: a bright, shining light

In Sonoma County and all across California, cannabis companies that don’t have permits from Sacramento have received cease and desist orders over the past six months. Those companies have had a choice: fill out the forms, submit them to the authorities and pay the fees, or face loss of property and fines.

Look Who’s Local: Jean-Luc Szach

Cloverdale resident since 2003

Liz Jimenez

Liz Jimenez

Welcome gifts

Last week, Jefferson Elementary students got a surprise gift, courtesy of Parkside Christian Chapel. After receiving a donation of Bombas socks, Parkside donated a pair of socks to every student at Jefferson, along with a Rice Krispie Treat and Nutri-Grain bar. Students trickled in to Jefferson last week to pick up individual wrapped packages with socks and snacks.

Cloverdale Police Logs: June 22-28

Cloverdale Police Department

Cloverdale Police Logs: Dec. 14-20


Santa Rosa Symphony Young People’s Chamber Orchestra, Mar. 1

CPAC welcomes back for their fourth appearance this young string orchestra, a winner of the statewide annual Berkeley Junior Bach Festival. Working without a conductor this student ensemble delights with their level of musicianship and attentive collaboration with one another. Special guest will be Lewis Patzner, classically trained cellist with a growing reputation as an innovative cross-over musician and composer. Performance lasts an hour with no intermission.

CPAC’s announces 2018 season

The Cloverdale Center for the Performing Arts just released information about their 2018 season.

Cloverdale Fire Logs: Oct. 19-25


Cloverdale Fire Logs: Jan. 11-17